Testosterone in OverDrive

Woman crying3Though Ray Rice is dominating the headlines for domestic battery, he hasn’t been alone and the rush to trial by press shouldn’t neglect some equally heinous actions of others allowed to keep their positions and go on to fame and glory.  Michael Strahan was accused by ex-wife Jean Muggli of hitting her with a balled fist yet he was just inducted into the Hall of Fame and has gone on to riches through football as well as seen daily on the Kelly and Michael morning television show adored by too many female fans.  Steve Harvey who likes to fix women up was accused by his ex-wife Mary Harvey of physical and mental abuse; yet he too has made it big time while keeping a lot of cookies for himself.  And don’t forget Rice’s Baltimore Ravens teammate Ray Lewis, accused of murder, whose bloody white suit was never found while he copped a plea in exchange for testimony against his coconspirators who were both later acquitted.  In the face of questionable justice, Lewis was allowed to continue his career in football, be inducted into the Hall of Fame and have his statue placed in front of the M&T Bank Stadium.

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