The Bar

A political antiphon heard repeatedly by opponents of President Trump is no one is above the law. In a Constitutional Republic such as ours, the rule of law must take precedence over subjective and often times capricious behavior by many elected officials. It is an immutable fact, that the President like any American citizens is not above the law. It is also true, that he is not below it. This is an unquestionable dogma embedded within our nation’s canon. The now failed impeachment of President Donald J. Trump has been “temporarily” put to rest until some other specious charge can be leveled against him.  As the late Charles Krauthammer once opined, the impeachment of Donald J. Trump is at its core, a conviction in search of a crime. 

It was less than 13 hours after he was declared the winner of the November 2016 Presidential Election, that Democrats and many in the MSM (one-in-the-same entity), began the impeachment chant for reasons, that had little or nothing to do with high crimes and misdemeanors. It had more to do with what came to be exposed in the various reiteration throughout the impeachment hoax as differences in public policy and/or administrative style.  Those of us, who chose to pull the lever for Trump, didn’t vote for him to be our friend, nor to “play and talk nice-nice” with adversaries, both domestic and foreign. We voted for him to do his job and make the hard choices necessary for the welfare of this nation. Of course, the subtext of all of the opposition to his Presidency lies in the fact, that Democrats have never accepted the results of the 2016 election.  

The decision of the American people to elect someone, who was not your traditional politician or political ideologue (similar to the last occupant of the White House), was simply untenable to many.  Divergent from mainstream politicians, both Democrat as well as Republican, Trump was an outsider, a businessman, who beat them at their own game, while continuing to deliver to the American people. To this day, this persists to be the greatest, if not the only transgression of one Donald J Trump. 

It began with the phony, bought and paid for Steele dossier. This was rushed over to the FISA Court, which kicked-off the now-defunct Russian Collusion narrative. It continued with the endless secular doxology of Quid pro quo and the political acrobatics of linking Trump with Ukrainian Oligarchs. It culminated in the legally sophomoric articles of impeachment, rushed over to the Senate by Congressional Democrats.  It was all a part of the loud three-year political opus against the President.  The legal permutations of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff’s impeachment star-chamber was a dangerous attempt at lowering the bar for what constituted an impeachable offense.  It is the sole reason that many Democrats and unfortunately, what I call “controlled opposition Republicans” such as Mitt Romney and the late Senator John McCain, have never accepted that this outsider, a billionaire businessman, who quite frankly was attempting to bring real accountability to Washington. This is juxtaposed to the “how-can-we-fool-them-today” political class that Americans have been forced to choose from in our election cycles. 

But this lowering of the bar, on what constitutes an impeachable offense, is reminiscence of what Progressive Liberal Democrats have been doing for decades to hamstring any real give and take the discussion in the body politics of the American Republic.  The aim is not to serve as a corrective on the many vexing social, economic, domestic, international and political issues.  It is to simply shut their opponents up.  On issue after issue, whether it be about race, gender, class, illegal immigration, border security, constitutional amendments, the reflexive response by Democratic constituencies has always been to accuse Conservatives and Republicans of any of their well-honed “isms.”   At the same time, the Democrat Party has been the party of perpetual grievance, victimology, hyphenated America, class envy, cancel-culture, neo-segregation, and most damaging, a pervasive repressive tolerance, propagated for decades in our schools, the MSM, the Hollywood Industrial Complex and via many social media platforms. At the core of repressive tolerance is, that it teaches tolerance for things that tears us apart while at the same time, it is touted up under the banners of multiculturalism, cultural diversity, and social justice, which is little more than tribalism and balkanization fed to our nation on the installment plan.  

It is the cultural-political Frankenstein created and nurtured over the last half-century, and not Donald Trump, that has come home to roost and continues to feed the discordance and divisions we presently see.

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