The Confederate Flag is Down,…So What

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The confederate flag that once flew over the capital building of the state of South Carolina has come down. No doubt soon to be followed by many, many more. And I don’t just mean flags. I mean is flags, symbols, statues, plaques, roadside historical markers, names of parks, etc., etc.

That’s because the issue we’re running into headfirst in America has nothing to do with the confederate flag, it has to do with a (new) ideology that says, “No one should have to see anything they may find offensive” and the emergence of a nanny state government that’s determined to enforce the dogma.

We’re seeing this all over the land, a massive shift in American culture and not only is it becoming a pervasive ideology but the kicker is that liberals are using the heavy fists of government and/or our education system to enforce this new “Thou shalt not be offended” mantra.

For example – a story broke a short while ago concerning a statue at Saint Louis University, a Jesuit university in St. Louis, MO. The statue depicted Father Pierre-Jean De Smet. De Smet was an active in missionary work among the Native Americans of the mid-western and western United States in the mid-19th century. He spent his lifetime advocating for and bringing Christ to Native Americans.

He also founded Saint Louis University (i.e., the man without whom the very school itself would not exist.) The statue depicted De Smet holding a crucifix and praying over Native Americans. Naturally some students and faculty didn’t like it – you can’t have a white Christian man praying over anyone in public, let alone over an ethnic-minority. They found it ‘offensive’ and being liberals, demanded the right to not have to look at it. Of course. And once again, being liberals, determined that since they didn’t want to see it no one should either. The university has removed the statue.

This is the way things operate now. Rather than changing themselves they demanded the institution change in order to accommodate their sensitivities. Rather than not attend or work for a school they find offensive, liberals instead demand that society change to suit them. In the case of Saint Louis University it was a smaller, closed society but they’re doing the same things nationally.

A predominantly liberal, easily-offended crowd finds the name Washington “Redskins” offensive. Rather than just not buy game tickets, not watch their games on television, not purchase their jerseys, etc. the crowd of “change-to-suit-me’s” is instead demanding the name of the team be changed. Included in said crowd is the President of the United States, Barack Obama who is now using the power of the federal purse to deny the Redskins a new stadium, and Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid who could barely contain his giddiness over the prospect of the team losing its trademark rights.

Not to be alone in the attack on NFL franchises, the New Orleans Saints now also find themselves under attack from a tiny group of people who find their logo to be ‘offensive’ and “since we don’t like it, you must change it.”

There is no potential end in sight here. If we’re going to begin eliminating things certain people find offensive when and where does that start and stop and who gets to make the determinations about what’s so (overly) offensive it has to go?

I personally find the lyrics to hardcore/gansta rap to be very, very offensive. So guess what? I don’t purchase or listen to it. Jay Z is an artist/producer mega-mogul millionaire (and frequent party pal of President of the United States.) Here’s a link to song lyrics on his 2013 album “Magna Carta.”
Pick a song. Try track #13, “BBC.” I’m guessing many if not most of my fellow conservatives will find it highly offensive.

So why aren’t conservatives demanding removal from store shelves and government-imposed restrictions on downloads? Because we’re conservatives, we want to run our own lives not everybody else’s. I don’t want to listen to it, but I don’t seek to restrict your freedoms to do so if that’s what you choose to do. If a conservative is upset over team prayer prior to a Friday night high school football game we simply withhold our child from the prayer session. But liberals sue and try to see to it that not just their own but no one’s children participate.

If I find the name of your business offensive, I’m not going to support you with my dollars. Suppose you open a donut shop and name is “Derrick Burn in Hell!” Well, I find that name somewhat offensive but guess what, I’m not going to contact my Mayor’s office, city council, my congressional representatives and start writing letters to the editor demanding you change the name of your own business. No, rather, I’m going to choose to walk across the street or drive across town and get mine from Dunkin Donuts or just learn to live without them. Name your business whatever you like, its none of my business nor is it my concern. If you can make it work with that ridiculous, vulgar name good for you.

The confederate flag is offensive to many, no questioning that. But who gets to make this call? Do we need to eliminate all symbols and references to the civil war, the south’s role in that war and just totally expunge a huge chunk of American history because someone may be offended by it? Well, what about World War 2 and German or Japanese-Americans?

So the flag is down, what’s changed? Particularly for black-America in predominantly black urban communities? Has racism suddenly ended or somehow been drastically reduced? Has the black unemployment rate, which is now double the rate for whites, gotten better? Are there fewer of us blacks dependent upon welfare? Has our out-of-wedlock birthrate dropped from 73% to 40%? How about school dropout, felonious incarceration, drug addiction, literacy or home ownership rates? Now that the confederate flag is down from in front of the South Carolina capital building have any of those things improved?

Rewriting American history in order to cater to certain people group’s sensitivities is chasing rabbits. There are signs and symbols Jews find offensive. Must we rid our nation of all those? Should restaurant menus be banned from pictures of breakfast platters featuring strips of bacon on them? Pork is an offense to some.

We have problems to solve, some big some not so big but real problems. Families are hurting, young men are dying, people cannot find work and are being robbed of dignity and self-worth. Banning a flag does not do a thing to change that. Banning flags and demanding sports teams change names is majoring on the minors. We do not have the right to not be offended.


(Sorry if this column offends you.)

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5 thoughts on “The Confederate Flag is Down,…So What

  1. Mark says:

    You’re absolutely right, but only the choir is listening, I fear.

  2. laura sweeden says:


  3. penny65 says:

    Very, very well stated, Derrick!!

    I enjoy your writings so much, thank you, sir!

    1. Gregory T.Mitchell says:

      Derrick I think you missed the point. The Confederate flag was hoisted over the state capital or on the state capital grounds as a symbol of power of those who worship and support white superiority and separation from the people they believed and still do believe are inferior and are not worthy of the same equal treatment and respect that our U.S. Constitution provides. Bringing it down in response to the tragedy committed by a follower of that racist group of folks speaks volumes about what America stands for … .. The same reason our country HAD to fight a civil war. Winning the hearts and minds of the people who lost remains the goal of Our Republic.

      We remain a work in progress. Symbols and code words remain powerful tools to fight change and build ideologies.

      It matters.

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