The Foundation of Racism

The recent racial unrest in Charlottesville, Virginia has the media, politicos, activists and others up in arms. Everyone is trying to find someone to place blame or fault. “The president was to slow too speak” they say. Democrats blame Republicans and Republicans blame Democrats both trying to score political points or at least to appear politically correct.

I’ve tried not to give an opinion before I’ve had a chance to reflect on what the real or underlying issues are. You can’t fix a problem until you correctly diagnose the problem. Unfortunately, political correctness has caused many to forego that process and blame the most convenient stooge. They do this with the violence in the streets of Chicago too. “We need more jobs,” “we need higher pay,” more “affordable housing.” The list goes on and on without ever asking what is the root cause of the problem?

Many blame white supremacy for many of the ills that plague our nation. I used to recoil at this thought but today I’ve changed my mind. White supremacy or white privilege is a problem, but not how you may think. The idea of supremacy is not unique to White people. It’s part of the human condition or what we in Christian terms call “sin.” From the beginning of time one nation or ethnic group has seen themselves as superior to another group and used their military to prove it. Just look at world history and the wars that have been fought. The Assyrians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans at some point during our history believed themselves to be superior to their neighbors and followed through by seeking to conquered them. We know that Nazi Germany felt superior to everyone else. Communist Russia felt superior to the democratic West. The Japanese believed they were superior to the Koreans, Chinese and all of Asia.

Thus, thoughts of supremacy is not a White man’s disease. It’s a human condition that needs to be thwarted. Unfortunately, supremacy has been inculcated into mainstream society, our schools, our media, and almost every where you turn the idea of supremacy of a particular race is reinforced by pseudo-science. What pseudo-science is that? I’m glad you asked, it’s evolution.

Darwin’s book on the Origin of Species is predicated on the idea that some species of animals are superior to others. They were, in his opinion, higher on the evolutionary chart. This includes human beings. The full title of his work is called “The Origin of Species by means of Natural selection or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.” What or Who is a favored race? If we are really serious about riding our society of any kind of racial primacy we must renounce evolution.

Evolution was the basis for eugenics, the idea that we could improve the human race by controlling the breeding process in humans. It was men trying to play God. Although eugenics has fallen into disfavor it is still an underlying premise of evolution.

However, evolution has created a false narrative, which continues to persist. In an attempt to replace biblical creation, it has cause more problems. In Acts 17:22-31 the Apostle Paul is speaking at the Areopagus in Athens. He begins to expound upon the “Unknown God” to whom the Athenians had erected a statue. Paul announces in verse 26-27 that “…he [God] made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him. Yet he is actually not far from each one of us…(ESV) In other words we all come from the same parents— Adam and Eve— and therefore are one race of people. There is no White race or Black race, only the human race. We have unsuspectedly bought into a lie that says there is more than one race, and that some races are superior to others.

The basis for Paul’s “one race, one people” proclamation is founded in Genesis 1:26-29 where we are told that God created men and women in His image and in His likeness, and gave them dominion over everything on the earth. These verses fundamentally reject racism, and sexism. God creates men and women in His image and gives each of them dominion. But, true to form we have rejected the idea that we are wonderfully created in the image of a loving God as fantasy or myth. We’ve exchanged biblical creation for the idea that we are just energy and matter, which came together by chance. According to evolution we are the ancestors of animals. If this is the case, why should we care if gang members kill each other? Or if white supremacist hold repugnant views?

However, if we believe the truth that we are created in the image and likeness of Almighty God, we must in turn heed His Word. Genesis 9:6 says “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image” (ESV). In other words, the human race is special because God created mankind in His own image, which means we don’t have a right to think of ourselves as superior to one another. Nor, do we have the right to take another human’s life without probable cause. God has declared all human life “one race, one people” to be sacred. Conversely, evolution determines some human life as more valuable than others, and some races superior to others, yet everyone is here by mere chance.

Our nation’s Declaration of Independence is based on the idea that God created all men equal, and that we are created with intention and purpose, not accidents of matter and energy (pure chance).

Which idea do you think promotes racial supremacy? So, why is it being taught in our schools? Why are we surprised when it raises it ugly head?

At the end of the day, how we view ourselves determines both how we think and act. If we are bi-products of mere chance and related to monkeys why would we be surprised if we act like animals? However, if we believe we are truly the creation of an Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent God then we should strive to be like Him. Ultimately, realizing that we are all descendants from our first parents with the same proclivities and need of a Savior to make us right with God, should reminds us all of our individual and collective responsibility to dwell together in brotherly love.

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One thought on “The Foundation of Racism

  1. William S. Putnam says:

    Dr. Wallace, Excellent article, a complete, and accurate diagnosis of today’s problems. I agree wholeheartedly. As long as American children are taught the unsubstantiated lie of evolution, as an “unscientific” fact; Bible believing Christian’s will continue to be further marginalized, and ridiculed, by those who have “believed the lie”, along with the error of the “politically correct religion”, This will continue to divide American society into racial, and ethnic groups who hate each other. The inevitable incidents of violence are then used to justify each others hate, and atheism, while the people who are don’t hate, are accused of hating, by the actual haters. Absolutely the work of satan.
    God bless you, and come LORD Jesus,
    Bill Putnam

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