The High Cost of Criminals

Excessive criminal behavior, that unfortunately defines many inner-city neighborhoods, comes at a great cost to the majority of residents, who attempt to conduct their lives and raise their children like many of us. Some of these costs are obvious, such as extra store security at your local Family Dollar. Also, limits placed on the types of products and services available at an inner-city Wal-Mart or Safeway, as opposed to these same stores in more affluent areas. The reality, that suburban stores can keep thousands of low-price and more bulky items displayed outside the store, thus providing their customers more choices, while these same establishments located in less prosperous parts of town cannot, is a direct cost of criminals, (many of them, young black men). Broadly speaking, they are the cohort that orchestrates much of the chaos. 

Even in my working-class neighborhood, residents oftentimes refer to the local Wal-Mart as the Ghetto Mart. This characterization may sound unfair and an easy moniker, that screams racism to the ears of the perpetually offended, (i.e., white and black liberals). However, the criminality occurring both inside and outside the store, especially during the evening hours, is another world, when compared to Wal-Marts and other establishments in less crime-prone areas.

In many larger communities, such as Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, or Baltimore, everything must be tied down or placed behind bars or plexiglass. In addition, these establishments must hire or install additional security which comes at a cost.   In these same areas, residents live with bars on their windows and doors, dogs in their yards, and guns in their homes. Also, they don’t live in grave fear of the police. The existential danger are criminals (many of them black) who commit 90% of the murders in the inner-city, over 50% of all murders nationwide, and virtually all of the petty crimes, that is an endemic feature of many inner-city communities.  As a result, the police and all of us who live in these urban areas are acutely aware of these truths.  Subsequently, the police “criminally profile” those individuals, who are most likely involved in some form of maleficence. So, when a robbery or homicide occurs at an inner-city Burger King or CVS, the police don’t waste their time arresting or questioning, 87-year-old Sri Lankan born grandmothers.  They “criminally profile” those, who are most likely involved in some form of illegal activity. And yes, all African Americans pay for the criminality of their wayward brethren.  

The clever little slogan, “Driving-While-Black”, employed as a polemic against so-called racial profiling by law enforcement, on its’ face sounds like a valid piece of urban-wisdom. However, not criminally profiling, (or just using common sense based on the neighborhood) makes law enforcement more costly and dangerous for those policemen and women, who try to keep the majority of law-abiding citizens safe. 

Once more, it would be fairer in the minds of virtue signaling Liberal Progressives to stop everyone after a robbery-homicide at your inner-city Wendy’s. Nevertheless, police implement criminal profiling, (common sense or deductive reasoning) to make the most efficient choice, in determining, who is most likely involved in crimes occurring in the inner-city. 

And yes, Blacks from all social classes and income levels pay for this bad behavior.  It comes at the cost of receiving extra scrutiny by police and residents when visiting friends or just driving through areas less disposed to crime.  Blacks pay the cost, when a security guard (white or black), might eye-ball them more when entering a store. Often times, when my wife and I entertain company, who live in more well-to-do parts of town, I might have them park their vehicles up in my driveway, or walk out to the car with them at night, simply because of the threat from criminals who happen to be black.              

All that I have illustrated sounds completely unjust, and of course, low-hanging fruit for BLM, Democrat politicians, and extraordinarily self-righteous and smug professional athletic types, to heap familiar charges of racism.  All of us want to be judged by our character. But that is not the current circumstance when dealing with the ethos of criminal mischief in poor urban areas.  Whether we like it or not, blacks are objectively more associated (fairly or unfairly) with a crime. Most of us don’t have the luxury of living our lives unencumbered by reality and must take more precautions, depending on the city area. 

For example, if I guess wrong and I am not vigilant, either with my personal security or that of my visiting friends, my six children will not have a father or my friends may be seriously hurt.  Let me reiterate, blacks commit crime at rates vastly disproportionate to other groups.[i] Even crime data from the late 1970s seems to suggest, that if the general public associates blacks with violent street crime, it is tragic facts or statistics that lead to such associations. This may seem capricious, but nevertheless a hard truth

The problem is not profiling, criminal, or otherwise. It is the self-destructive behavior and attitude all too common within the black underclass.  Let me be even blunter, in Post-Civil Rights America, the main obstacle to racial equality has little or nothing to do with racism, but culture and behavior. Also, a lesson that I had to learn, sometimes the hard way, and that I now passed on to my kids, is the life-philosophy, that despite the injustices (real or imagined) that one has suffered, this suffering excuses you from very little.[ii]

As this writer has observed over the past forty-years, and if the truth be told, (or admitted too), it is the men and women of law enforcement, who have saved more black lives than the Al Sharpton’s, BLM Global Foundation protestors, and various Progressive Democratic constituencies including our first black President.[iii]

It is the police, who patrol housing projects at night, to prevent crime and protect residents, which the liberal media and pathetically obtuse professional athletes will never acknowledge. It is the police, who must go up to a car in the early morning hours, not knowing whether this routine stop may go sideways. It is the police, who intervened in thousands of domestic violence situations.  

As we have seen in the case of Jacob Blake, it has predictably morphed into a Democrat Party talking-point against law enforcement. The incident has quickly become part of the hagiography of the-poor-defenseless-black-man (i.e., dangerous career criminal) being shot after repeated attempts by the police to get Mr. Blake to stop before he reached into his car. [iv]

The liberal media and the BLM cabal would have us believe that the police must abide by some ill-defined, if not totally suicidal, Marquess of Queensberry Rules, giving Mr. Jacob’ a “fair shot” at hurting or killing the officers involved.  Even more pathetic and asinine, women basketball players from the WNBA, proudly supported this career criminal, violent thug, someone facing creditable felony sexual assault charges, by donning his name on their T-shirts before one of their games. 

They might as well have printed Keep Domestic Violence Alive

[i] See also.,  A Loud Silence

[ii] Please see., An Elegant Anger

[iii] See also., Black Lives Matter: To the Police

[iv]  See also., A Dangerous Tutorial

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