The Illogical Transgender Argument

What would you think if famed Hall of Fame NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who stands 7’2, claimed to be five foot tall? What would you think if South African president, Jacob Zuma claimed to be president of the U.S.? What would you think if I told you the Washington Wizards of the NBA was currently playing in the playoffs even though they are not?

Let’s take this a step further. What would you think if Abdul-Jabbar wanted to have all of his legal documents (driver’s license, passport, medical records) made to reflect his contention that he was five foot tall despite all evidence that he is seven two? What would you think if Zuma wanted the United Nations (U.N.) to recognize him as the duly elected president of the U.S.? What would you think if the Wizards went to the commissioner of the NBA and demanded an opponent to play even though they are not eligible to participate in the playoffs?

This type of behavior is the clinical definition of psychosis. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), psychosis is “a severe mental disorder in which a person loses the ability to recognize reality…having false ideas about what is taking place or who one is, and seeing, hearing or feeling things that are not there.”

So, the point is, no matter what Abdul-Jabbar says he is; there is nothing that can change the fact that he is seven two. Even if the U.N. wanted to recognize Zuma as the U.S. president, there is nothing they can do to make that a reality. The Wizards claiming they “deserve” to be in the playoff won’t change the reality that they are not in the playoffs.

Abdul-Jabbar can insist he is five foot tall until he is blue in the face; but the U.S. government will never “officially” recognize him as such. The American people will never recognize Zuma as our elected president regardless of how vigorously he claims to be. The Wizards can organize protests all across the country, but there is nothing they can do to be included in the NBA playoffs. I am sure most of us would consider it very strange to try to change each of these three situations in the face of established facts to the contrary.

Most of us would consider a person who refused to accept the absolute facts of these situations as having some type of mental issue or psychosis as defined above.

Unfortunately, too many people today are refusing to accept reality; thus an alarming rate of psychosis being revealed not only in the U.S.; but throughout the world.

I recently had a discussion with my doctor about Bruce Jenner, who was born with a penis, and yet “claims” to be a girl. My doctor indicated that even if Jenner were to have a surgical vagina created; biologically and genetically, he would still be a male.

If Jenner’s body was discovered a thousand years from now, my doctor continued, and a DNA test was run; Jenner would be labeled as a male.

So, this whole foolishness about men born with a penis or women born with a vagina being able to “self-identify” as a woman or a man, respectively is the very definition of psychosis.

As in my opening three examples, there is absolutely nothing that can be done or said to change the reality of if you were born with a penis, you are a male; and if you are born with a vagina, you are a female.

You can have all the relevant body parts changed, but biologically and genetically, you still are who you were at birth—male or female.

So if Abdul-Jabbar can’t legally place on his documents that he is five foot tall; Zuma can’t legally be recognized as the U.S. president; and the Wizards can’t be in the NBA playoff simply by saying they are; then simply saying something is true does not make it true. A male who has a penis cannot and should not be allowed to go to the girl’s bathroom simply because they “claim” they are a girl. A female who has a vagina cannot and should not be allowed to go to the boy’s bathroom simply because they “claim” they are a boy.

What would be the legal basis for codifying such an act?

In order to accept the transgender argument; then you must allow Abdul-Jabbar to be listed as five foot tall, Zuma to be recognized as president of the U.S.; and the Wizards to play in the playoffs. Both sets of examples are based strictly on each person’s distorted view of reality in opposition to all the available facts. Both are simply based on a person’s verbally claiming something is reality; even though the verbal statements are without fact or merit.

In the immortal words of Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers, “what a fool believes he sees, no wise man has the power to reason away; because what seems to be is always better than nothing at all.”

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7 thoughts on “The Illogical Transgender Argument

  1. Sheila says:

    We must pray for these people. Wouldn’t we send folks to a psychologist or psychiatrist if they told us they were George Washington. We would consider them delusional.

    1. David Reynolds says:

      Amen Sheila. Prayer is the most important thing we can do to stem the tide of this incredible foolishness that is effecting our country and world today. I wonder what the Founding Fathers would say about this.

    2. To know the statistics of the LGBTQ community; the extremely high suicide rates (they are well over 40% in those who have had the complete gender change), the drug and alcohol abuse, the disregard of the human body etc. should be confirmation for all that this direction is set into motion to destroy lives and not save lives.
      In the world of “sans absolute morals from a loving God”, good is declared bad and bad is declared good. A tactic used by Hitler was to tell outrageous lies with fervor until the masses believed them as truth.
      How very heartbreaking it is to realize that there are those who promote these lies, knowing the blood of the victims will be on their heads.
      Prayer is most excellent, but reaching out in love and TRUTH is absolutely necessary. It requires that each of us studies to show ourselves approved before God; and that requires giving up some of our comfort zones.

  2. cordeg says:

    the history of psychology is replete with cases of people who think they are someone/something other than they are. some suffer from physiological problems, some from psychological problems. people have thought themselves aliens marooned on Earth, another human (famous or not), another species, even inanimate objects. these case are categorized within the Neurology of Identity — that is, an error in the conception of Self, and appear mostly along with anosognosia — essentially an inability to recognize their own erroneous conception. thus, they can’t for the life of them understand why others seem insistent on “correcting” them (“no, you are not a cat!”), and thus are typically indignant at others’ presumption and failure to perceive them “as they are” (of course, they don’t realize they are not actually “as they are”).

    when traceable to physiological issues, such syndromes are traced to the right-hemisphere. one would expect left- and right-hemisphere neurological problems to be on average equally common; yet there are far more diagnoses of syndromes traced to the left-hemisphere than the right. this flies in the face of logic, but not of human nature, as one might expect that it is much harder to accept a problem in one’s conception of Self than in other areas. a person who hears voices typically knows that they are not supposed to hear voices and therefore wants someone to stop the voices, and so is likely to seek help. a person who thinks he is an aged Civil War General doesn’t know that he is not and therefore is more likely to consider everyone else crazy or just obtuse for not recognizing them, and so is not likely to seek help. magnifying this tendency to suppress such diagnoses is the natural inclination to not want to admit a defect of Self — it is far too intimate, too existential, to face easily.

    nevertheless, if you think you are a cat or chair, virtually 100% of the non-psychotic population will recognize you are suffering from a neurological defect, disease, or syndrome. they will NOT demand that everyone else accept your identification as a cat/chair. they will NOT shy away from declaring this condition to be something calling for treatment. yet today, we have people who wish to “identify” as someone/something they are not: some other sex or “orientation” contrary to their obvious physiological state, and those who are not detached from this obvious reality are nonetheless admonished to humor the afflicted — one supposes, so they won’t feel bad about themselves (today’s version of the worst thing that can happen). others are condemned for not going along with the charade — told they are uncaring, intolerant, and oppressing civil rights. yet those who attempt to help the person who thinks themselves a cat/chair are NOT admonished to treat them as if a cat/chair, NOR condemned for not going along with the afflicted person’s error in self-identification.

    it is not, after all, as if the person is declaring “i am a poet” but others don’t judge them as having the talent. that would be a very subjective thing. gender, on the other hand, is by definition objective. recognizing a boy, naked, from a girl, is as easy as recognizing a cat from a monkey. to suggest that this is not the case is to destroy the very definition of male and female, and of gender itself, just as it would be destroying the definition of species to insist on identifying certain cats as monkeys. of course, no one seriously suggests we identify some cats as monkeys. curious then, that so many seem earnestly to suggest — no, demand — that we identify some boys as girls (and vice-versa).

    in fact, even to suggest that such cross-identifiers are “afflicted” with a defect or disease is considered uncaring and cruel. yet if one points out that a person “identifying” as a cat or a chair is suffering from a defect or disease, they are NOT considered uncaring or cruel — QUITE THE OPPOSITE. in fact, to be considered compassionate and kind, we are required to approach one who is physiologically human but identifies as a cat with an eye toward treatment — perhaps even publicly-financed treatment, to demonstrate sufficient compassion. meanwhile, we are required NOT to approach the person who is physiologically a male but identifies as a female as if they suffer from a syndrome that should be treated — this is paradoxically declared to be intolerant and inhumane.

    now, if society means to engage in a plebiscite by which the definition of all physical realities humankind has delineated in their history are to be thrown out and replaced with arbitrary judgments, that is one thing: we might then make the whole world over again in some coherent imprecision (“have you seen my hat, Bob? it’s on the chair, Bill. that’s not my hat, Bob — it’s my wife!”) — but to insist on opposite understandings of the two cases above is simply nonsense in the service of avoiding recognizing something is wrong.

    when we suffer from a moral failing — say, we are a Lothario — we now want it to be accepted that we are suffering from a disease. but when we are suffering from a disease or defect, we now want it to be accepted that we are merely a new “normal”. the future is one where self-deception expects to be supported by the rest of society at large (“of course that’s your wife, Bill, and a lovely brim — er, waistline — she has, too!”). soon, one supposes, we can expect to achieve 100% self-esteem…and 0% self-awareness. no one will anymore have to suffer being told they are not a girl or a cat or a chair. past Civil Rights battles were fought to win the right to become anything you wanted to be — by which we meant president, or an astronaut, or a composer. now, we are told that the current Civil Rights battles are to be fought to win the right to BE anything we want — a nice Queen Anne chair, perhaps. Progress marches on, they say.

  3. There’s high school student who believes she is trans-speciated: She thinks she is a cat. Do we await the lawsuit in which she sues the school district for not providing litter boxes?

    1. David Reynolds says:

      Lol. Good one

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