The NABJ Should Consider a Name Change

Last week, I was scheduled to attend the annual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) in New Orleans, but, after receiving a copy of the agenda with the list of speakers, I decided to cancel my trip.

I think the NABJ should change its name to the National Association of “Liberal” Black Journalists, because that is truly what they are, as an organization. I have, for years, told their leadership that they are perceived by Republicans to be closely allied with the Democratic National Committee (DNC). I have even offered to personally arrange for them to meet with leaders of the Republican Party, so that they could begin to cultivate the necessary relationships to be viewed credibly by Republicans, but NABJ leadership has absolutely no interest in being a “professional” group; they would rather be a “partisan” group, instead.

Check out the list of speakers from last week’s convention. There is not one, noted Black Republican or conservative speaker anywhere to be found on the NABJ’s speaker list. Not one.

And hell no, Omarosa Manigault does not count. She is the Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison for the Trump Administration. She’s a liberal Democrat, not a Republican and based on what I’ve read, Omarosa’s appearance at the convention was an absolute mess.

And no, Eboni Williams from Fox News doesn’t count, either. She is a Democrat/Independent.

When you view the list of speakers, it’s a who’s who of very liberal Democrats and NABJ’s leaders wonder why the Republicans don’t take them seriously?

Need more proof that the NABJ is in the tank for the DNC? Check out the list of panelists for their “NABJ Newsmaker Plenary”:
Moderator: Byron Pitts, ABC’s “Nightline”
Shani Hilton | Head of U.S. News, BuzzFeed News
Rashida Jones | Senior Vice President, Specials, NBC News/MSNBC
April Ryan | White House Correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, Author, “At Mama’s Knee: Mothers and Race in Black and White”
Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. | Publisher and Chairman, The New York Times
Lauren Williams | Executive Editor, VOX News
Cheryl Boone Isaacs | Immediate Past President, Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Marc Morial | President, National Urban League
Symone Sanders | CNN Political Commentator, Priorities USA strategist
Nina Turner | President, (Former Ohio State Senator and CNN Contributor), Our Revolution

Every, single one of these panelists works for an organization that leans left or is straight up radically liberal.

Obviously, no Black Republicans fit the NABJ’s “Newsmaker” description. I have told the leadership of NABJ, in no uncertain terms, that I would be happy to provide them a list of people who they could call upon, if they were interested and, as usual, there continues to be absolutely no interest from the group.

NABJ’s bias is so great, that they even had a panel on diversity with absolutely no “diversity”—ideologically speaking. Every person was a liberal.

They even had several speakers from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, but, obviously, they are incapable of finding any speakers who are pro-life; or maybe they are just uninterested.

I couldn’t make this stuff up, if you paid me. Diversity of thought is nowhere to be found within NABJ.

Aren’t they doing the same thing that they, and other liberal groups, accuse corporate America of doing? As a dues paying member of NABJ, I find their lack of diversity of thought and their conscious willingness to ignore the issue, very offensive and hypocritical.

How can they constantly harp on the lack of diversity in media newsrooms and other institutions and not see that they are guilty of the same thing?

The group is supposed to be about improving opportunities for Blacks in journalism, media, and public relations. It’s worth noting that Republican members of Congress hire professionals in communication, journalism, and media for their official staffs and campaigns. Republican members of Congress also hire college interns from across the country.

By mandate of their own by-laws, they are obligated to expose their membership to the wide array of opportunities that exist in the marketplace and not to serve as a farm system or pipeline for all things liberal.

If the NABJ wants to serve as a surrogate for the DNC and other liberal organizations, then they should formally amend their bylaws to indicate that. But, if they are going to hold themselves out to be a professional organization, then maybe they should start acting like a professional organization.

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One thought on “The NABJ Should Consider a Name Change

  1. William S. Putnam says:

    Thank you Mr. Jackson for your principled stand, against the leftist bigotry of NABJ! Perhaps there could be a new association for Conservative journalists; NACBJ. And therein, may I suggest is hidden, one of the causes of the present divisions in the American people. Reactionary! Consider, if you will: It is perfectly fine to have groups that call themselves, black this, and black that. But; Isn’t there hell to pay if anyone decides to create a “white” entertainment network: or, a “white” history month, or a “white” nationalist movement ? But if someone wants to create a racial, or ethnic organization, other than “white”, that’s acceptable. Has anyone caught on to the MSM’s characterization of the “white” nationalist movement? Just adding more fuel to the flames! How about an NAAWP, along with the NAACP! I could go on, and on. Why not create all groups; American; and allow everyone of all ethnicities in their membership; not just one skin color, or ethnicity? That’s racist! Division, anger, and racism, is used as a tool to divide Americans into angry, racist groups, so, that their anger can be used to manipulate them, by the so called “tolerant” people, and MSM! What evil, hypocrisy!! If the “United” States, doesn’t become united again soon, the result, I predict, surely, isn’t going to be unity. It’s beginning to look like Nikita Khrushchev’s prophetic statement in the 1950’s, when I was in 8th grade, is coming to pass before our very eyes. He said; “We’ll bury you”!
    Can it be true? It sure can!!
    As Jesus Christ wisely said; “A house divided against itself, cannot stand”. How true, how true!

    Come, Lord Jesus; you are now, America’s only hope!
    Bill Putnam

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