The Narrative’s the Thing

Recently, my wife and I were having dinner with some friends. Although our friends are very liberal and often expressed the usual vitriol against the current President, we’ve managed over the years not to engage in too much political talk. Also, as an”American,” who happens to be black, I often get asked about the alleged indiscriminate killing of black men by the police. Again, an issue that is continuously serviced by one of the biggest lies within today’s liberal political faith-statement or narrative.[i] Nevertheless, I have always managed to be somewhat diplomatic, if not very cautious in discussing issues of race, gender politics, illegal immigration, the second amendment, Trump or any Republican President for that matter.  As a recovering Progressive Liberal Democrat now in my fourth decade of sobriety, “sometimes” one must make a collegial “business decision” with liberal friends and family.

However, my spouse, a native-born German does not have the same obligatory social filters.  During our meal, the issues of illegal immigration and criminality were broached. My spouse commented that criminality has skyrocketed in her native Germany, mostly because of unfettered migration from places like Turkey and North Africa. Her observation was not well taken by our hosts.     Similar to what is occurring here in the United States, if the average German raises this obvious point, they are labeled Nazi, by the Brusselian elites and the Progressive political class, that has managed to truncate any serious discussion of the effects of open borders in the EU. To make a long and familiar story short, my spouse was greeted with the established Progressive talking points, that crime and other social maladies have somehow been purged from the migration coming from Latin America or Turkey. Unfortunately, this petrified narrative has been repeated ad infinitum by the cultural left for decades in our schools, the MSM, by PolitiFacts, as well as politicians both Democrats and Republicrats. It has come to a point among average Americans that an honest discussion of issues such as immigration (illegal or otherwise) has become impermissible.  In the current cultural debate, even the notion of agreeing to disagree has become anathematic.  As a result, we don’t talk about such issues in any consequential fashion.  Those of us who question the utopian view or narrative that illegal immigrants are all hard-working people, whose kids are High School Valedictorians, coming off of their third tour in Afghanistan, must somehow be diminished in our thinking. It is quite the opposite.[ii]

Unlike many Progressive Liberal Democrats, we don’t idealize people or groups making them something other than ordinary folks. Over the years, working and living with Yupik Eskimos in Western Alaska, Cheyenne and Crow Indians Montana, Blacks, Mexican Americans, and poor whites in West Virginia, I have met individuals, who were capable of great good as well as poor behavior and mischief. In short, the beautiful multicultural mosaic will not be ushered in by those who succumb to the follies of the open borders narrative.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, it isn’t so much that liberals, the left, Progressive Democrats, Republicrats and their constituencies are ignorant. It’s just they know so many things that aren’t so. Unlike Conservatives, the Progressive Liberal narrative is much more endemic in their thinking. It is a way of thinking or lack thereof, that is proving destructive to the founding principles of our nation. At best, the left cultural ideas are just slow walking our society into a dystopic future.

The Narrative: A Short List……Sort of….???

 What is the narrative? Simply stated, the narrative is a set of political, economic, social, cultural, and psychological assumptions which make-up the dogma or secular hermeneutics which Liberals cling to and have embellished over the past fifty years. Many liberals, including this writer before my sobriety, believed in them without knowing they were such a part of how we viewed Republicans, patriotic Americans, the military, U.S. History, et al.  Colleges, elementary and secondary schools, newspapers, most media outlets[iii], even sports reporters have been marinated in this cultural soup, masquerading as critical thinking, open-mindedness, compassion and tolerance toward differing viewpoints.

In regards to the supposedly egalitarian MSM, when it comes to crunch-time, they will overwhelmingly vote for and throw their full support to anything other than a Republican.

The mindset of those adopting the narrative principally operates unconsciously. Liberal Progressive don’t get together and have a secret handshake, verbal passwords, a super-secret decoder rings or political dog whistle, telling them that Donald Trump is dangerous. Their belief system is founded and nurtured via a set of non-rigorous suppositions. To cite the late Milton Friedman, the narrative allows many Progressive Liberal Democrats, no matter their race, social status or education level, a certain way of arranging their world.  It acts as an imprimatur for everything they do or situation they may encounter. In their minds, if you voted for the incarnate Anti-Christ, Donald Trump, you are indeed deplorable.

As a sidebar, just before the last Presidential election, I was asked by a fellow worker at a soup kitchen, I volunteer at, if I would like to help at the local Hillary for President Office. When I informed the person, that I was a registered Conservative and sometimes Republican, I instantly became the “Incredible Two-Headed Negro!” How could Black man ever vote for a racist, homophobic, misogynist, Islamophobe like Trump? Not to mention, Trump is certainly one of those unenlightened climate-deniers. The point here is that it would have done me no good to explain my socio-political leanings. I have learned the hard way that if you’re Conservative, much less a Black Conservative, you are not only wrong, or have a different opinion, you are stupid, a traitor to your race (whatever the hell that means) and most likely mentally ill.  This is in addition to suffering from all the various “isms” that Progressive Liberal Democrats employ to castrate any response.

The narrative allows Progressive culture a concise and airtight way of arranging things without carefully addressing opposing viewpoints. It permeates their whole culture. They believe for example that:

  1. George Bush was a moron and Barrack Obama an impeccable erudite.
  2. The Cold War was an invention of the Republican Party, the military industrial complex, and right-wing warmongers.
  3. Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism brings people together.
  4. Forgiveness is excellent, punishment is counterproductive.
  5. You can lead from behind.
  6. Head-Start is a successful Government sponsored program.
  7. Soft power good, hard power bad.
  8. Israel is bad. Palestinians are an occupied people struggling to regain their sense of nationhood.
  9. Black people are good, white people bad, Asians and Latinos we’re not sure about.
  10. University Professors teach open-mindedness and critical thinking.
  11. Russia is a more significant threat to the United States than Red China or Radical Islamists.
  12. The real problem is racist, xenophobic Christians and not murdering Radical Islamists.
  13. Don’t keep score at youth sporting events.
  14. The police are the most significant threat to Black men.A
  15. living Constitution good, originalist interpretation bad.
  16. The United States Department of Education was a good idea.
  17. All white people are privileged.
  18. Socialism works.
  19. Check that, it will especially work once we find the right type of leadership.
  20. Everything works in Sweden???
  21. Everyone gets a trophy—and a Merry Unbirthday to you!
  22. Obama’s and Kerry’s strategic patience philosophy were a plus.
  23. Waterboarding and sleep depriving murdering Islamic terrorists were torture. And it also hurt their feelings.
  24. Adding millions of poorly educated, illegal immigrants with questionable loyalties to a Post-Industrial society is a good thing for the American underclass.
  25. The Model UN Program teaches respect and admiration for American culture and its values.
  26. Whoopie Goldberg and other Hollywood celebs are really, really smart.
  27. Black people can’t be racist.
  28. Oh, wait a minute, I meant to say, Black People can’t be institutionally racist.
  29. Cultural mosaic good, melting pot bad.
  30. The Urban League has a purpose.
  31. ICE is a modern-day Gestapo.
  32. Donald Trump is Hitler. Check that, most Conservatives exhibit Hitlerian characteristics.
  33. Hands-up don’t shoot was a real event in Ferguson, MO, just ask Lebron James.
  34. The United States is a racist society.
  35. President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society Program and other anti-poverty measures worked quite well.
  36. Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for doing…wait a minute… I’ll get back to you on that one.
  37. God created caramel colored White Hispanics.
  38. Poor Latinos commit little crime, similar to the Black underclass.
  39. That’s right, I remember now! He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for being Black.
  40. American football bad, European football good. The latter will also help Americans think more like “World Citizens!”
  41. The political theatre surrounding ‘not standing’ during the National Anthem or the removal Civil War Confederate monuments, helps the Black Urban poor. Maybe Shakespeare was right, the play’s the thing.
  42. Rich people are evil. Poor people are good and smart as hell.
  43. The fracturing and division we now see in American society all began with the election of that mean-old Donald Trump.[iv]
  44. Hillary Clinton was a superb Presidential candidate.
  45. The Rev. Al Sharpton was an excellent advisor to President Barrack Obama on matters of race.
  46. To clarify item #37, I meant to say that God created caramel colored White Hispanic, just after the death of Trayvon Martin.[v]
  47. Capital Punishment is a sin. Abortion is a life choice.
  48. President Obama’s academic record clearly shows his mental acuity far superior to many United States Presidents. Oh, wait a minute! His academic records have never been released. That’s alright.  George Bush is still an idiot.
  49. Cuba has a better health care system than the United States.
  50. NAACP and NAN really help the Black underclass.
  51. People of Color is not the same as Colored People.
  52. Fox News is a Conservative, subliminally racist network, while CNN, MSNBC, and the BBC are the gold standard of objective journalism.
  53. The U.S. Military is the greatest threat to world peace.
  54. All Native Americans are one with nature.
  55. We stole our land from the American Indian, and we should all give our properties back.No, wait a minute, that’s going too far! Never mind.
  56. We need a comprehensive government program to confront the bullying epidemic.  Apple Jacks will no longer suffice.
  57. Obamacare really worked. And by the way, George Bush is still stupid, so there!
  58. Cultural Diversity good, integration and assimilations bad.
  59. Save the Dolphins, but kill your grandchildren.
  60. Republicans are racists. Did I say that before? It bears repeating. Republicans are racists.
  61. The administrators of Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and Facebook are politically neutral.
  62. World citizens good, belief in your own culture bad.
  63. All cultures are basically equal, except ours, which is much worse.

These presuppositions are ossified in their faith-statement. It is the matrix that prunes or limits their thinking. Their narrative is never questioned because they reside in a cultural bubble that provides the necessary and supporting accouterments. When Trump won the election, accompanied by his honest talk on issues like illegal immigration, race, and supporting law enforcement, this was apostasy to the ears of the left. Donald Trump to his credit didn’t follow the orthodoxy of your standard lawn-chair Republican. He did not fold to the influence of the narrative. Trump’s sin was that he dared to challenge the narrative. That is why Trump, Conservatives and real Republicans will continue to be misrepresented, despised, loathed, denounced, and literally lied about by the paragons of social and political equity. They are the self-proclaimed wizards-of-smart known as Progressive Liberal Democrats. 


[i]See., Black Lives Matter to the Police (Also see.,  Race Matters Especially to Democrats)

[ii]See., Illegal Immigrant as an Idea

[iii]See., Sins of Omission

[iv]See., Musings of a Colored Person or Pitch Imperfect

[v]See., I Have Four Sons, They’re not Trayvon

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2 thoughts on “The Narrative’s the Thing

  1. Greg says:

    First of all I’d like to congratulate you Mr. Hall on writing the first articulate article I have read on this site. You had sources which is a huge step forward.

    However, in revealing the presuppositions of the liberal you have also exposed your own. You seem to believe that liberals are represented by the loud minority spewing hatred on twitter every time our President Orange says anything. You also presuppose that this phenomenon does not exist in your own party. You say that the conservative narrative is not endemic in your thinking, but one need only look at a single channel for evidence of the endemic nature of the conservative narrative. Or look at our citrus colored President as he spouts the same nonsense spewed by “journalists”. Or even the fact that he’s president. Conservatives didn’t vote for President Little Fingers because they liked himself thought he held their values, they voted for him because they believed he was better than Hillary. Maybe he was, Hillary was a joke.

    I will not deny that Liberals have a lot to learn of “tolerance” and what it really means. That’s also true of the right. So instead of name calling and insinuating that liberals are a large group of ignorant morons (while they say the same about you) I think it’s time we get over the party b.s. and work to make this country better.

    1. Eric M. Wallace, PhD Eric M. Wallace, PhD says:

      Does that include the op-ed pieces I’ve written as well? By the way, his sources are other articles he’s written. The Ph.D.’s on this site are experts in their fields so they only site information that they quote from someone else.

      You also presuppose that you have read a majority of the articles on this site. I would assure you that Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, both economic scholars, write and express themselves well.

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