The Real Black Dummies

U.S. Senator Tim ScottLast week U.S. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina was the object of yet another viscous attack centering on his skin color and political ideology.  In a day and age where we see black Americans flourishing in all walks of life from the classroom to the board room, who or what could be the source of such consistent, vile, racially denigrating rhetoric? The Klu Klux Klan, Aryan Nation or some other white supremacy group?

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  1. stuart says:

    IMHO The real ventriloquist is the Dim-ocrat party and the real dummies those that haven’t gotten anything for their vote in 50 years…..including the NAACP.

    1. Robert Ralph says:

      Valid point.

  2. Selena Owens says:

    THis paragraph NAILS it: “An argument can certainly be made that over the past four decades no one has delivered more votes to the Democratic Party than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Yet in their attempts to earn their party’s nomination for U.S. president neither has ever received an appreciable percent of Democrat primary votes. Likewise, though faithfully carrying the party water for decades, neither has ever been offered the Vice Presidential slot on a Democrat ticket. Neither has ever been offered a cabinet seat by a sitting Democrat in the White House. Neither has ever been offered so much as an Ambassadorship by a sitting Democrat president. Yet these two solider on. Supporting, spouting and relentlessly selling all the Democratic Party is peddling. Doing their expected duty for their Democrat masters. Just don’t call it that, because when said of conservative Republicans its apparently harsh truth, but when said of liberal Democrats, its utter racism.”

    Say on…

  3. Daniel says:

    Tim Scott is one of my senators. He is a stand-up man, and has done a great job so far. He will most certainly have my vote when his term is up, and perhaps, even POTUS one day.

    1. SelfLoathingLeftist says:

      Tell him I’d vote for him too!

  4. American-By-Choice says:

    The NAALCP are Liberal collectivists, OKA: Socialists.

    Socialism rests in Relativism.

    Relativism rejects objectivity.

    Objectivity is ESSENTIAL to truth, trust, morality and justice.

    No Truth, no Trust.

    No Trust, no Morality.

    No Morality, no Justice.

    No Justice, no liberty for all.

    The Reverend, Doctor Martin Luther King had an objective dream. The point of which, is lost on the NAALCP.

    Tim Scott is a good man. He is, what he does.

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