They Shoot Old People, Don’t They?

the old man just lost his wife, sorrow

None of us have the right, nor the expectation to be entirely safe. It has never been a part of the human condition. At best, we can only live with trade-offs. However, our nation has been shoe-horned by many in the MSM, Progressive Democratic politicians, and their constituency to believe just that. We are being socially engineered to accept as canonical, that we do not have to make some very difficult decisions concerning our response to the Coronavirus. You’ve heard the mind-numbing selective virtue-signaling from the cultural left that it is a choice between killing people and opening the economy. This is more than a false choice by those favoring sheltering-in-place and the continuous shutdown of the economy. Flattening the economy is already wreaking havoc in the lives of 36 million Americans and their families. Americans are suffering and dying because of this false secular hermeneutic put forth by Democrats and their media.  You can also rest assured, that the CNN-NPR-MSM news cloister will not honestly cover the real costs and deadly results of eviscerating the economy. As alluded in a previous article,[i] the cooked mortality numbers being presented to us by the Chi-com centric World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC should be viewed with a great amount of suspicion. They are often counting scores of hospital deaths as COVID fatalities, when in fact many of these deaths have little or nothing to do with the virus.  Inflating the numbers encompassing the pandemic is especially easy to do if you take into account that here in the United States alone, over 2.8 million people die each year, in addition to 60 million-plus worldwide.[ii]

Nobody in their right mind either deliberately or through an act of omission wishes people to succumb to the virus.  We especially don’t want to kill grandma or grandpa. My wife and I are grandparents in our 70s.  We are squarely in the cohort of old-farts, that are the most at risk. However, we understand that there are acceptable risks and no special dispensations for any of us. But this is not the same as the intellectually lazy, albeit tiresome heresy, that if you are at all concerned about the permanent damage to the economy, you somehow want old people (like myself) to die.  I hate to quote Presidential candidate Joe Biden, but, come-on-man!

[i] See., A Few Good Keystrokes

[ii] As a sidebar, when we compare overall deaths from the COVID on a more of macro-level via per million; COVID deaths here in the United States as of May 9, 2020 were around 251 per million. Other countries with similar lockdown strategies have fared about the same. Sweden which we all know didn’t choose to totally castrate its economy has recorded COVID deaths at 325 per million as of May 9th.  

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