To Kill a Kavanaugh

He is guilty unto proven innocent.  Actually, all men who are accused of sexual misconduct must forego the presumption of innocence, if they are implicated in any sex crimeor misogynist behavior. After all,women never lie about such thingsor possibly be mistaken.[i]  In the ongoing political theatre engulfing the Kavanaugh Hearings, foggy and unsubstantiated thirty-six-year-old allegations of rape, that supposedly occurred during Judge Kavanaugh’s high school days, is being impetuously cited to torpedo his life work and reputation.

Once again, women don’t lie, make mistakes nor cheat.  Weren’t we unequivocally told this by the MSM, Democrats and the cultural left during the Tawana Brawley incident; or when Lena Dunham told a whopper about being raped by a “Conservative Republican” in the book Not that Kind of Girl.  Wasn’t there total condemnation by the liberal left, when members of the Duke Lacrosse Team were falsely accused of raping a young black woman.  What is happening to Judge Kavanaugh is literally “the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill Hearings” on steroids.  Lately, we have even learned, that women don’t cheat according to Serena Williams during her narcissistic meltdown at the U.S. Tennis Open. She declared,”I have never cheated in my life because I have a daughter.”  Well, there you go!  That certainly makes sense.

Following the same “logic,” I should have usurped that same piece of Hegelian polemicwhen I was stopped by a Montana State Trooper last summer for speeding. I don’t know why I didn’t explain to the good officer that I could’ve been speeding since I am a grandfather.

But in all seriousness, Doctor Christine Blasey Ford, Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser, probably did suffer from some past sexual transgression. However, in the cases of Bill Cosby and Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, the chargesof horrendous sexual abuse against themwere more than validated.

All fair-minded American should take pause and reexamine the current charges level against Judge Kavanaugh,and the nihilistic mindset driving some within the Democratic Party. They will use any dubious political ordnance, anybody, or any time period, to destroy, misdirect and sabotage anyone who is associated with the Trump administration.  Make no mistake about it.   If Trump had nominated Mother Teresa to serve on the Supreme Court, Democrat would find a way or someone to claim, she was a closet S & M sexual predator.  It is what you should expect from today’s Post Scoop Jackson/Daniel Patrick Moynihan Democratic Party.  If Diane Feinstein (D-Cal)was genuinely concerned and egregiously affected by Dr. Ford’s gang rape charges against Judge Kavanaugh. Why wasn’t it front and center back in early August, when she first became aware of it. The answer, of course, is that it is all about the stall.

The politics of this entire effort to kill Judge Kavanaugh appointment to the Supreme Court stinks to high heaven.  But then again, we are assuredby the cultural left, that any accusation of sexual deviance leveled by a female must be believed.

Whether not Judge Kavanaugh is cleared of these charges, Democrats and the MSM will always take an anathematic posture to anyone President Trump nominates. Democrats don’t care about women, as much as they care about power. Charges of rape, sexism and/or misogynist comportment, like charges of racism leveled by too many so-called black leaders, are used not to seek the truth, but to incriminate.[ii]It is employed solely to condemn and destroy individuals like Judge Kavanaugh, as well as other political opponents, Democrats vehemently disagree with.  In short, over the past four decades, Democrats have become masters of criminalizing political differences.

[i]According to FBI statistics, in 2017 alone, between 4,400 to 5,100 allegations of rape were deemed false. Research within the Journal of Forensic Psychologyindicates that these numbers are five times the rate when compared with other criminal categories.

[ii]See., Musings of a Colored Person

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