Unencumbered by Reality

Black criminals kill more Black people than the Police. The numbers are not even close! It has been a statistical reality for decades in our nations’ inner-cities.  Even more telling, according to FBI and DOJ crime statistics, from the period of 1976 to 2014, criminal activity among a certain segment within the Black community has been responsible for more the 805,000 nonfatal violent crimes. This devolution in the civility in far too many communities has occurred in Post Civil-Rights America, where by-in-large, African Americans no longer suffered the racist stupidity of Jim Crow or government-sponsored segregation.   

 The current insanity in some Blue state urban areas, to defund the Police, will only in the “long and short-run” get a lot of people injured or much worse. Hopefully, many misguided Democrat Liberal Progressives and cultural left groups like Black-Lives-Matter and Antifa will come to their senses, and cease using the canard of rampant police brutality of blacks (a rare occurrence in itself) to stir-up and socially engineer disastrous public policies. Policies, that will make inner-city neighborhoods even more chaotic.

 And yes, I get it.  The George Floyd murder was horrific. And the officers involved were simply bad cops.  But the call to defund law enforcement is more than insane. It is a way of thinking, or lack thereof, by well-meaning people, as well as the usual race pornographers like Black Lives Matter, and a host of politicians both black and white.  Their so-called compassion is simple-minded at best and dangerously unencumbered by reality.  Let me repeat myself. Incidents of police maleficence are extremely rare and for the most part statistical outliers.  Blacks murder the most blacks. It is as true now, as it was back in 1998 when I penned an article on the subject for Commonweal Magazine.[i]Concurrently, blacks are also responsible for 52% of all homicides nationwide.   

The police are being scapegoated by the liberal media (an oxy-moron), politicians like Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her gang of perpetually aggrieved Colored Women,[ii] misguided actors and sports figures, and most tragically former President Barrack Obama.  During his tenure as the nations’ 44th President, he was hardly supportive of law enforcement. Obama in his own passive-aggressive, if not, apocryphally pernicious way, demonstrated a propensity to seldom have law enforcements’ back. This was equally true of Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General.  The Hands-up-Don’t-Shoot lie, that begot the Black-Lives-Matter Movement, in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, was never strongly refuted by anyone in the Obama administration. 

So here are some hard-statistical truths about black criminality that Black-Lives-Matter, Liberal Progressive Democrats, and their body politic wish to gloss over in their pursuit and embellishment of the myth of police brutality. All of the following numbers were taken from FBI and DOJ crime data. Current crime stats on the topic are not fully available.  However, the numbers cited for black criminality haven’t shown any great fluctuation over the past four decades. This is especially so in urban areas controlled by Democrats, who claim to be the benefactors of the Black community.

 Over 10,000 Reasons

There is no way to deflect the truth concerning a small, yet an endemically uncivil culture of black criminality. Both FBI and DOJ crime data have consistently shown that 93% of all black homicides were perpetrated by blacks. As noted earlier, although black’s make-up only 13% of the United States population, they committed over 52% of all homicides.  This statistic is made worse by the simple fact that black females make-up a minute portion of all homicides.  Age is another factor to consider. Homicide is generally a younger man’s pathology.  Blacks over the age of 40 committed fewer homicides than their younger brethren. Subsequently, this 52% indicate an even smaller group of black criminals responsible for the overall murder rate. 

Here are some other stats to consider. Blacks commit violent crime at 7 to 10 times the rate of whites and other ethnicities.  In cities controlled by Democrats for decades, black criminal activity is even more conspicuous. For example, in Chicago, blacks account for 76% of all murders as well as 78% of all juvenile crime. Keep in mind, that blacks comprise less than 35% of the city’s population.  In Los Angeles, where blacks are just 10% of the population, they are involved in 42% of all robberies and 34% of felonies. In the city of New York, especially in the years following Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani, show blacks being involved in 70% of all robberies, 75% of all shootings, and 66% of violent crimes. Even more disheartening, the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicate since 2009, with some slight variations, blacks were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57% of all murders, 45 % of assaults in the 75 largest counties in the country despite comprising roughly 15% of the total population.  

Sidebar: If blacks seem to draw more attention from the police, this attention has little or nothing to do with race. It is based upon the obvious and “observable” criminality among far too many young black men. The police show up to intervene in high-crime areas at the request of the majority of law-abiding residents.  It is the disparity in criminal offending and behavior that is the main problem.   The police are too often painted as the fall-guy. They are left with cleaning up the mess created by 50 years of failed public policies, authored and supported by the Democrat political class and organizations like the NAACP, NAN, and Black-Lives-Matter.[iii]

The murder of George Floyd was hideous and the men responsible for his death, are being held accountable. Nevertheless, very few individuals, who are currently protesting and engaged in acts of lawlessness, say nothing about the 10000 blacks killed by other blacks since 2015. Just for comparison, we haven’t lost that many lives in the various wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Nobody is taking over city blocks, which is currently happening in Seattle to protest these deaths. Nor does the NPR-CNN-BBC-EU Press care much about a bunch of black folks killing each other by the trainload. There is no political currency in these 10000 deaths since they don’t involve the preferred nemesis of virtue-signaling, mea culpa liberals everywhere; that is, evil, out of control, and racist law enforcement.[iv]  

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  1. vic says:

    Thak you for the frank assessment. I just wish there were some way to encourage young black folks to respect and look up to people such as yourself, Bob Woodson, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Soule, Larry Elder and so many others who have worked so hard to improve their lives and the lives of others around them instead of those who continue to preach victimhood and hate. Life is hard and there are many challenges and it takes real effort to overcome them and become self-sufficient, but with the right influences (including family), it can be done and real dignity and peace can be attained.

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