Victim Mentality

VictimHas anybody ever become a success story because they felt like a victim? Has anybody ever done anything good, or become a better person, because they feel sorry for themselves? It is a pernicious temptation to pity yourself. Each one of us has innumerable gifts from Almighty God for which we should be grateful. Even the lowliest pauper in the most unenlightened of backwaters has the gift of life, of free will, and of his God-given dignity. The Left’s insistence on a victim mentality is nothing less than a direct attack on the dignity of the human person; it is the cousin of the sin of despair (which the Bible declares “the sickness unto death”). The next time you feel tempted to pity yourself, bend it back: stop and count your blessings and thank God.

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  1. Al Lassiter, Sr. says:

    Thank you, Mr. Williams, for a brilliantly written synopsis! You brought out significant
    psychological points, especially feelings of helplessness. Most unfortunately, some
    leaders continue and continue to feed this devastating feeling. Thanks also for including the Gospel.

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