Virtual Racism Is Alive And Well

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The problem with truth is, it interferes with perception.

There is practically a deluge of demonstrations lately based on charges of “racism” and lack of action by a university administration against proponents of certain “racially motivated” activities. However, the real tragedy is the false premise on which these demands are based.

We are being inundated with news stories emanating from several college campuses where students are demanding the resignations of faculty and administration. It appears the students must have superior knowledge and experience and should, consequently, be in charge.

Apparently, the left has adopted a new motto: “If history doesn’t suit, alter it.”

As a member of the elitist left, one doesn’t have to have facts. What we are witnessing today in the media, on many college campuses and in certain government agencies is something I call “virtual racism.” It’s like virtual football or a virtual war game. You can get quite exercised about it, but it’s not likely to draw blood. “Civil rights” demonstrations today consist mostly of black and white liberal students harassing conservative students, administrators and black and white cops at Ivy League schools.

As a 1960s revolutionary nicknamed “Malcolm Z” in the Black Liberation Front (the more militant wing of the civil rights movement in the ’60s), I learned one of the basic tactics that is clearly still in use: Racial Rhetoric 101: fight facts with fertilizer, history with histrionics and when all else fails, bring out the name calling (“honky” “cracker” “whitey” – avoid “redneck” as it’s been favorably co-opted). The old standard “racist” moniker can be used quite effectively as a modifier forpig, dog, conservatives, Republican, bankers, homophobes, etc., ad nauseam.

This is just one man’s opinion, but it seems to me that if white America were as racist as many allege, then “racist” would be a label eagerly sought by politicians or other public figures.

Frankly, I am mystified by some of the charges leveled today. Back in the ’40s, ’50s or even the early ’60s, the prospect of having been possibly red lined for a loan, perhaps not promoted to a well-paying job with a major corporation, to have encountered an insensitive clerk in a major department store or experienced deliberately slow service in a restaurant would have been an occasion for blacks to sing, “We have overcome!”

For the oh-so-miserable college students making all the noise, and at the risk of being relegated to a bygone era, let me offer an extremely brief refresher course on some real not virtual racist policies:

The state would:

  • Maintain separate buildings for the care, instruction and support of blind black people,
  • Maintain separate water fountains and restroom facilities for whites and blacks,
  • Maintain separate schools for whites and blacks,
  • Not allow textbooks to be interchangeable between whites and blacks,
  • Maintain separate telephone booths for whites and blacks,
  • Not allow meals to be provided to whites and blacks in the same room or at the same table or counter,
  • Maintain separate buildings not nearer than one-quarter mile to each other for black and white juvenile delinquents,
  • Provide separate facilities for black and white mental patients,
  • Declare it unlawful for black people to frequent any park owned or maintained by the city for the use of white people,
  • And last, but not least, the state would not bury, or allowed to be buried, any black person in cemetery ground set apart for the burial of white people.

I would say we have made significant progress in America. I was under the impression we even have a black president now, but then, what do I know? I only lived through those ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.

To say it plainly, these modern time well-to-do, privileged college students need to get a life, grow up, stop acting like the world owes them a living (and a good one at that!), get over themselves and actually take responsibility for being in the big grown up world they so love to hate. Maybe we need to hand out pacifiers so they can get a good night’s sleep; then they could wake up to reality and give us all a break from the idiocy of their worldview.

There may be little reason to hope, however, as we see from our Founding Father, Thomas Paine: “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

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