War on Poverty vs Plan For Prosperity


President Johnson’s war on poverty and his great society program started over 50 years ago were the wrong approach in solving the poverty problem in America. So is the fools errand of addressing “income inequality” that president Obama and secular progressives are fond of touting. All of these are wrong headed ideas that only have the appearance of relief when in fact they exacerbate the problem.

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  1. Edward Ronkowski says:

    Over the last 50 years, the government spent more than $16 trillion on the War Against Poverty. Today 15% of Americans live in poverty, the same percent as it was in 1982. Dr. Eric Wallace’s essay shows how a War on Poverty would reduce poverty. Thank you Dr. Wallace.

  2. poh says:

    Opportunity knows color, gender or creed. Dr. Wallace’s essay outlines a path for opportunity to all.

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