Weapons-Grade Immigration

Immigration has become a weapon of war. Over the last few decades, people, countries and pseudo religious-political ideologies have used immigration as an entering wedge to do us harm. Cloaked in various disguises such as open borders, multicultural diversity, sanctuary cities, talk of celebrating the “beautiful cultural mosaic”, pontifications about being a nation of immigrants, while conveniently leaving out the word legal, it has become a nefarious tool of war. Just as dangerous, if not more so, than any hardware that our enemies have used in the past.

One evening last summer, my wife and I were enjoying dinner with friends at a beer garden in Steinbach, Austria. During supper, many topics were bandied about, but one that was central was the unilateral decision of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to take in nearly a million Syrian Refugees from that war-torn region. Like many Europeans, they were concerned with the wholesale killing of innocent people largely brought about by the Assad Regime, ISIS, and other bad actors in their attempt to build a more perfect world via a 7th century exegesis.

Our Austrian friends scoffed at the notion that ISIS was a JV team as Barrack Obama had labeled them. Radical Islam, and its belief in spreading by any means necessary the Caliphate, was no laughing matter; and in their eyes Merkel’s allowing thousands of undocumented, impossible to vet immigrants into Germany and the EU, was the greatest breach of EU security in recent memory. Immigration has become Weapons-Grade, because it can be so easily employed as a Trojan Horse. Even in the well-known story of the Trojan Horse, it’s lessons are now obsolete. In the original story, it was only Greek soldiers using the subterfuge of the wooden horse which led to the destruction of Troy. Now we have mothers holding babies, children and the elderly, mixed in with the murdering religious psychopaths who want to share with well-meaning, if not totally gullible Westerners, their understanding of diversity.

Anyone following the election of President Donald Trump knows that addressing the problem of illegal immigration was central to his campaign. Getting serious about doing a better job of protecting the border and enforcing existing immigration law was a central theme of his campaign. Despite the political and cultural complexities involved in addressing the problem of illegal immigration, along with the millions of illegals (not undocumented workers) who already reside here, two things are indispensable. We must first, secure the border and secondly secure the border. All else will be a moot point, unless we act with haste to implement this protocol. Of course, Trump’s recent executive order to restart the construction of a border fence both physical and electronic is a step in the right direction.

Trump’s executive order to temporarily suspend visas to some select Moslem countries, is another example of what must be done to check the stealth nature of Radical Islam. Despite the discordant, if not totally misguided response from Democrats and some lawn chair Republicans, these hard measures, must be implemented, if we value our freedoms, our way of life, our very existence as a sovereign nation state.

It should be noted, there are over 40 other Moslem countries that weren’t apart of Trump’s executive order. Even though over a dozen of these same Moslem countries have a “permanent” ban of some of our closest friends and relatives, who are Jewish.

But despite the inconvenience suffered by a less than 115 individuals out of 325,000 people coming in from oversee each day, this is an unfortunate reality of today’s world in its attempt to check the aspirations of those seeking to kill us.

As a sidebar, my wife (a green card holder), has been pulled aside several times at the airport and at border crossings over the years. Yes, these stops were annoying, but in this time of “war”, it is minor inconvenience, compared to the deaths of thousands of Americans, vaporized during 9/11 and those killed in more recent attacks.

Of course, you do not have to dig deep to discover that this orchestrated hysteria against Trump’s immigration policies is just another permutation of pulling race card. It is a systemic strategy employed by Democrats and their liberal progressive constituency to blunt constructive dialog or programs that would aid in the war on terror. This is the cultural kryptonite that the left uses, and that Jihadists are well aware of. It is the most insidious munition within the arsenal of Weapons-Grade immigration, because it saps our will to confront the evil of radical Islam, while at same time turns Americans against one another.

As it stands now, we have no reliable tool to effectively discern who among the millions of immigrants, are just coming here for a better life and those which seek to take lives. Whether Republicans or Democrats want to admit this or not, today’s immigrants, legal or otherwise, are not your great grandfather’s variety. Today’s immigrants, arriving from all parts of the world, are largely greeted with a warm jacuzzi of social welfare benefits, that were not there in the 19th and early twentieth century.

Of course, many immigrants are no doubt hard working individuals; but there are also a significant percentage who are yearning not only too breathe free, but to live free. Spending part of my working life in places like Calexico and Turlock, California, Brownsville and Lubbock Texas, many illegals and refugees are adept at gaming the social welfare system, and tragically adopted a wards of state mentality. This is an unfortunate side of human behavior. Too many people in the American black underclass are living examples of this peculiar social malady.

In the ongoing war with Radical Islam, immigration must be seen first and foremost as national security issue. Despite the bromides by liberal progressives that we are a nation of immigrants, along the repeated secular doxology that diversity is our strength. Blind adherence to this dogma will only get more American kills and be the catalysis for another 9/11 and probably something much worse. Our immigration tradition although laudable, is not a suicide pact. ISIS and other species of radical Islam, have used and will continue to exploit our historical sentimentalities. Americans must begin to challenge or rethink, the mindless non-sense that diversity is our strength. It is not! Assimilation is or was!

Spending decades in higher education, this writer became deeply aware of the anathematic nature of the word “assimilation” among liberal professors, and their sycophantic audience. From Cal Berkeley to Yale, they preach the heresy that America was never a melting pot but more of a salad bowl or mosaic. That Diversity, (tribalism with a smiling face), was endemic to United States immigration history. But this interpretation speaks more about the not-too-subtle rewrite of our ethnic history by these same elites. The problem inherent in the salad bowl or beauty mosaic metaphors are that they sacrifice commonalities at the altar of ethnic and racial chauvinism. It plays down the “unum” in our culture in favor of the “pluribus.” It most dangerously suggests that a multi-ethnic society can exist without a common identity. Progressives, both here and in the European Union, forget, that Immigration without assimilation is just another word for of invasion. It was one of the many reasons why that between 1920 and 1965, the United States largely curtail immigration to our shores.

In the attacks of 9/11 they used our planes against us. They currently employ internet technology (developed by evil white infidels) to spread their message. Radical Islamists exercise their right to free assembly, movement and speech once in the country to propagate their message to self-loathing Americans, both Moslem and non-Moslem, to either directly aid in their jihad against the west or as unwitting apologists, which reflexively blames America and the West for all the world’s troubles. This type of thinking by “Westerners,” only emboldens our enemies to persevere.

As cited earlier, many illegals, jihadi or otherwise have also learned to play the racist/xenophobe card. The political class along with their voting bloc, fear being called an Islamaphobe more than the very real possibility of being killed by a jihadi while enjoying a burger at a local Ruby Tuesdays. Islamists know this and will keep many Americans and the political class from seriously addressing the realities of a flawed immigration system.

Weapons-grade immigration also uses the constitutional right of freedom of religions to mask the jihad. The repeated self-flagellation by gullible Americans that we do not discriminate on the basis of religion, does not or will not recognize, the political-religious catechetic which is central to Radical Islam. The Amish or Theravada Buddhists, aren’t the ones killing people who don’t agree with their religious dogma. The culprit is Radical Islamic theology.

Yearning to Live Free…… and kills as many Naive Americans as possible!

The vast majority of immigrants, legal and illegal come to this country to make a better live for themselves and their children. I am married to an immigrant who years ago, legally immigrated to this country from Germany. We also have millions of people, waiting in line, doing it legally, who the MSM never speaks of. Although I agree that the current immigration process needs to make it less of a herculean task to apply for citizenship. But these are our current laws and they must not be abrogated in the case of illegal immigrants or the insanity of sanctuary cities. However, it is encouraging that the Trump administration will finally enforce “current immigration law” that has been selectively ignored by Democrats and Republicans for decades.

Compounding the problems with illegal immigrants is the need to finally address the reality of home grown terrorists, sleeper cells (decades old), and so-called lone wolfs. People who use their citizenship or legal status to perpetrate hideous acts of war against their fellow citizens. The Fort Hood attack, the Tsarneav’s in Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino, the near miss in Garland, Texas and other incidents of jihadi operations, were not just crimes, but planned and ideologically driven military operations. We need to stop the political niceties of wanting to “bring people to justice,” as if we are dealing with bank robbers or drug pushers. Hopefully, the current administration will continue its initiatives to confront this threat to our sovereignty.

Many of us do not wish to see all that is happening within our country and in the EU, as acts of war. They are nonetheless. Radical Islam’s murderous war is upon us whether we would wish it or not. The only real question we need to ask ourselves as Americans, and a free people, is what are we going to do about it.

Years ago, I attended the graduation of my oldest child from boot camp in Fort Knox, Kentucky. On that occasion, I was lucky enough to have an informal sit-down with his drill instructor. He was rough and prickly individual, and a Golden Spurs Veteran of two military campaigns. He was by all measures, a true American patriot and warrior. I will never forget what he said concerning war. Simply, “nobody in their right mind wants war. But war comes knocking at our door anyway. It time for America to answer it”.

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