Reagan 16.0

During the Reagan Presidency, I found myself in a contemporary issues discussion group that consisted mostly of liberal clergymen and laity.  Although not an official part of my employment, we were encouraged to attend these forums.  In one of these sessions, the hot topic was Reykjavik and then President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) or what came to be called in the popular media as the Star Wars Missile Defense System.  As history shows, Reagan took a hard stance during these negotiations with the than Soviet Union. Reagan even walked away from these negotiations in order to show his Soviet counterparts he was not at all intimated by them unlike the preceding administration. Reagan understood that the first principle of arms control was to negotiate from position of strength, which despite the diplomatic hissy fit engaged in by then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, eventually led to the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force (INF) Treaty.

True to fashion, my liberal colleagues went apoplectic; claiming that Reagan’s stance on missile defense and other U.S. security interests would be the catalyst that would bring on a nuclear exchange between the Soviets and the United States.

Although at this point in the discussion, I was use to the standard vitriol directed at Reagan.  That is to say, Reagan was a dangerous cowboy, third rank actor playing president; and his lack of intelligence and diplomatic gravitas would surely doom us all.  That he along with his political soul-mate, Margaret Thatcher, would single handedly push the world closer to the nuclear abyss.

The political and social hysteria exhibited by most if not all Progressive Liberal Democrats toward Ronald Reagan was misplaced.  Even then, celebrities like Marlon Brando and Jane Fonda threatened to leave the country and give up their American citizenship because of what they perceived as the clear and present danger to the world, which of course, was a Republican President with his finger on the nuclear trigger. In 1986, a popular music video by music legend Phil Collins parodied Reagan as an out of control superman who accidentally pushes the nuclear button.

Of course, we are all still here and none of these apocalyptic predictions, literally cried over by liberals at the time ever materialized.  And of course, these same celebrities never left the country. Although, I personally would have taken up a collection for them for a one-way ticket to wherever the hell their utopian psychosis led them.

Fast forward to today.  With the election of Donald Trump, the same boogey men are being resurrected by Progressive Liberal Democrats and their ubiquitous MSM to hamstring the Trump administration even before it takes office.  The recent flare-up over Trump’s phone call to the President of Taiwan by the MSM, along with their ham-handed effort to attach Trump to some racists wack-jobs screaming his name, are just warm-up exercises in their efforts to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency, signaling the opening salvo of the 2020 Presidential Campaign.

At the same time, the liberal media continues to give a big yawn to racists like Farrakhan, the new Black Panther Party, too many supporters of Black-lives-matter as well as groups like ANSWER, who call for the violent overthrow of the United States; that is, when they are not too busy voting for Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama.

In the eight years of the Obama Presidency, the MSM have been mum about a race baiting charlatan like Rev Al Sharpton having full access to the Obama White House, despite his role in fomenting the riots and subsequent ambushing of our men and women in blue.  (see No Longer Elementary)

But then again, as recovering Progressive Liberal Democrat, now in my fourth decade of remission, I understand the mind-set, the narrative which drives these obsessions.  Not to be facetious, but if Republicans had somehow managed to place Mother Teresa in the White House,  Progressive Liberal Democrats, the MSM, most university academics and their students, as well as too many black folks would still have found a way to label her a racist, sexist, misogynist, or Islamaphobe.  To borrow a phrase from well know insurance commercial, “it’s what they do.”

As will be illustrated throughout the coming Trump presidency, Progressive Liberal Democrats and their supporters in the MSM will not relent.  The prism in which liberals filter everything is fused to a belief in a certain political, social and cultural narrative, which has metastasized in the majority of Democrat Party supporters. It is the same narrative that fed the animosity toward President Reagan and has led the Democrat Party away from the ideals of a JFK, Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson; and into the swamp of identity politics, grievance, and a suicidal multiculturalism exemplified by the open borders crowd.

Democrats, and tragically too many of my European friends, still subscribe to an inherently dangerous form of multiculturalism.  For example, they ignore or play down the dangers posed by radical Islamists. Many of them will even express a certain empathy with these religious monsters, seeing them as freedom fighters or brave cultural warriors against the imperialistic west.  At the same time, Progressive Liberals will “scream” hate speech at anybody that speaks the truth about the medieval exegesis driving this jihad.

Believing that you have enemies, that would kill you, your children, and go have their lunch in the same half-hour, is all too retro for them.  Too many Progressives believe these are just scared tactics by knuckle-dragging, anti-intellectual, gun-loving and bible reading Americans. For many Progressives, we all just need to be better “WORLD CITIZENS” like your average jihadi.

The Narrative – A Primer

What is the narrative?  Simply stated, the narrative is a set of political, economic, social, and cultural assumptions which make-up the dogma or secular hermeneutics which many liberals cling too and have embellished over the past four decades. Many of them, including this writer before my remission, believed in them without knowing they were such apart of how we viewed Republicans, patriotic Americans, the military, U.S. History, et al.  Colleges, secondary schools, newspapers, other media outlets, even our sports reporters have been marinated in this cultural soup, masquerading as critical thinking, open mindedness, and tolerance toward differing viewpoints. It is anything but.

In regards to the MSM, when it came to crunch-time, overwhelmingly voted for, and supported “anyone but Trump or a Republican.”

The mind-set of those adopting the narrative largely operates unconsciously.  Liberal Progressives don’t get together and have a secret handshake, verbal passwords or political dog whistles, telling them Trump is dangerous. Their belief system is founded and nurtured via a set of non-rigorous assumptions.  To paraphrase, the late Milton Friedman, the narrative allows many Progressive Liberal Democrats no matter their race, social status or education level a certain way of arranging their world, which act as imprimatur for everything they do or everyone they encounter. In their mind, if you voted for the incarnate Anti-Christ Donald Trump, you are indeed deplorable.

As a sidebar, just before the election I was asked by a fellow worker at a soup kitchen I volunteer at, if I would like to help at the local Hillary for President Office.  When I informed the person that I was a Conservative Republican, I instantly became the “INCREDIBLE TWO-HEADED NEGRO!”

How could a Black man ever vote for an obvious racist, homophobe, sexist, misogynist and islamaphobe like Trump.   The point was that it would have done me no good to explain why. This is something I have learned over the years. If you are a Conservative, much less a Black Conservative, you are not only wrong or have a different opinion, you are stupid and most likely mentally ill. This is in addition to suffering from all the various “isms” that the Progressive Liberal Democrats employ to truncate any response.

The narrative allows Progressives a concise and airtight way of arranging things without ever really addressing differing beliefs carefully.  It permeates their whole culture. They believe for example that:

  1. George Bush was moron and Barrack Obama an impeccable erudite.
  2. The Cold war was an invention of Republican politicians, military industrial complex and right-wing war mongers.
  3. Multiculturalism and diversity brings people together.
  4. Global warming and Global cooling, that now come under the rubric Climate Change, is a settled science.
  5. Forgiveness is excellent, punishment is counterproductive.
  6. Soft power is good, hard power is bad.
  7. Israel is bad, Palestinians are an occupied people struggling to regain their sense of nationhood.
  8. Black people good, white people bad, Asians we’re not sure about.
  9. College professors teach open mindedness and critical thinking.
  10. Don’t keep score at youth sporting events.
  11. The problem is racist, xenophobic Christians and not Radical Islamists.
  12. The police are the greatest threat to Black men.
  13. Everyone gets a trophy – and A Very Merry Unbirthday to you!
  14. Whoopie Goldberg and other Hollywood celebrities are really, really smart. . .
  15. Socialism works.
  16. You can lead from behind.
  17. They “know” that Saddam Hussein didn’t have weapons of mass destruction.
  18. All white people are privileged[i]
  19. They know torture never works.
  20. Black people can’t be racist.
  21. Oh, I’m sorry, I meant that Black People can’t be institutionally racist.
  22. Cultural mosaic good, melting pot bad.
  23. The Urban League has a purpose.
  24. Hands-up don’t shoot was a real event in Ferguson, MO.
  25. The United States is a racist country.
  26. God created caramel colored white Hispanics.
  27. President Obama’s academic record clearly shows his mental acuity far superior to many U. S. Presidents – Oh wait a minute! His academic records have been sealed from the public. That’s alright, George Bush is still an idiot.
  28. Cuba has better health care system than the United States.
  29. NAACP and NAN really help the Black underclass.
  30. People of Color is not the same as Colored People.
  31. Fox news is conservative, subliminally racist network while CNN and MSM are the gold standard of objective journalism.
  32. We need a comprehensive government program to confront the epidemic of bullying; Apple Jacks will no longer suffice.
  33. The U.S. Military is the greatest threat to world peace.
  34. All Native Americans are one with nature.
  35. Obamacare really worked, and by the way . . .George Bush is still stupid, so there!
  36. Diversity good, integration and assimilation bad.
  37. Capital punishment is a sin; Abortion is a life choice.
  38. The response to hurricane Katrina was inadequate and was all George Bush’s fault.
  39. Check that! Everything was George Bush’s and the Republicans fault.
  40. Save the dolphins, but kill your grandchildren.
  41. Republicans are racists. Did I say that before? It bears repeating, Republicans are racists.
  42. World citizens good, belief in your country bad.
  43. All cultures are basically equal, except ours, which is much worst and possibly irredeemable.

These assumptions are ossified into their faith-statement.  They are never questions because they live in cultural bubble that provides the necessary and supporting accoutrements.  When the election of Donald Trump burst their bubble, the crying by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and the forlorn downcast attitudes and depression most liberal progressives showed was an outward sign of the power of an Orwellian group-think. It is intrinsic to the current democratic constituency.

Donald Trump didn’t follow the orthodoxy of your standard lawn-chair Republican. He did not fold to the power of the narrative.  Which is why he and his administration will be undermined, despised, misrepresented, loathed, and literally lied about by these paragons of social and political equity, these wizards of smart, known as Democrats.  Welcome to the world of Reagan 16.0.

[i] See White Privilege,  Black Fathers

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