The Race is Settled: Hillary’s Trump Card


There remains only one debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton after Sunday evening, and there are conflicts continuing as to who won the first one. Clinton supporters and Trump boosters are each adamant in their declarations of victory for their candidates.

First, allow me to make a prediction as to who will be elected president, regardless of the candidate’s performance in the upcoming debates. Second, let me preface my prediction by stating, unequivocally: I hope I am wrong!

We must introduce, and face the repetition of, a concept that led to the election of Barack Obama as president. It must be clearly understood that an objective view of Obama’s qualifications for president reveals the qualifications simply do not exist. There is nothing in his past, in terms of achievement, that qualified him for the office he now holds.

America wanted to prove to others, and itself, that it was not “racist.” This was the perfect opportunity to show that true equality had at last arrived in America. A relatively handsome, young, college-educated (no serious research done on that issue), articulate black male (no serious research into his birth circumstances) was the candidate.

The media did not exercise due diligence in seeking out knowledge of his qualifications nor reveal any issues that may have contributed to his defeat. Obama was elected to the office of president in 2008 purely on the basis of his race and the lack of charisma of his opponent. He was subsequently re-elected based not on his achievements, but on the religious preference of his opponent in 2012. America was “not ready” for a Mormon.

Today, we face a relatively similar situation. The primary issue driving the 2016 presidential race is not qualifications for the job. Millennial and Generations Xers are not familiar with the economic and international challenges facing America today. Most of them have probably never voted, have more than likely not studied and are mostly unaware of the challenges facing America today, nationally and internationally.

The reason? They have been brainwashed in schools (from elementary through college) and in media by leftist-leaning liberals.

In case it may have slipped your mind, the ’60s were a definitive time frame in American history; there were two major groups – the “establishment” (conservatives) and the “anti-establishment (hippies). The conservatives went into business while the hippies went primarily into two areas, education and media. The result was a tremendously successful economy on the one hand and a leftist anti-American media and educational system on the other.

The result? An extremely wealthy population with no idea of the basis for America’s greatness. A major reason there is not an outcry against the influx of illegal – oops, sorry – “undocumented” aliens is because these two groups, the Gen Xers and Millennials, have no concept of the basis of their wealth. (Remember how old you were before you got your first cell phone or iPad?) How can a kid with an iPhone in elementary school have any idea what it takes to buy one? Plus, the overwhelming number of college kids today don’t have to bite their nails about paying off their college loans; there is no competition for jobs in their arena. The “illegal immigrants” are working in those areas that were formerly occupied by people who had no governmental assistance; minimum-wage jobs, farm work positions and many blue-collar jobs are all filled by these illegals.

We, with a minimum of research and common sense, can discover that the so-called “poverty level” in the U.S. is still higher than the median income level in a number of countries – and not just Third World countries. In fact, a little research would demonstrate that “poverty” in the U.S. would be equivalent to upper middle class in many countries. (I dare you to research cell phones, iPads, name-brand sneakers, computers and big screen TVs among the “poverty stricken” in America.)

There is little competition for jobs from the American public because of welfare, food stamps and other forms of government assistance. So college students, and others not responsible for their own well-being, are out shouting, “Let the ‘undocumented aliens’ in! This is America! No discrimination!”

All of which brings us to the 2016 presidential election race. With all due respect to Mr. Trump, and no matter his performance in the remaining debates, the issue is already settled.

Just as Obama’s qualifications for the office were secondary to his race, Hillary’s are secondary to her gender. All the aforementioned Gen Xers and Millennials have decided:

America wants to show the world we are not anti-feminists. Qualifications be damned – it’s time we have a woman president!

Hillary has already qualified. She is a female.

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4 thoughts on “The Race is Settled: Hillary’s Trump Card

  1. Susana Alvarez says:

    You are wrong. Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. My faith rests not on the wisdom of man but in the power of God. For God nothing is impossible. A remnant of His church remains faithful to Him thus He has mercy on our nation and has shown favor for Donald Trump, grating him and our nation repentance leading us to the knowledge of Truth, having been held captive for so long to do the will of Satan, we will come to our senses and choose for life, for light. There is power in the tongue. I decree favor for Trump and favor for our nation in the name of Jesus Christ. Blessings

    1. caperell says:

      America gets who America deserves, and Yes, GOD is in control

  2. Spieros says:

    Cut me a break
    Hilkary is a Witch so as such is not human

  3. lornawoods says:

    Well reasoned and factual article. I also pray for a miracle! Trump wasn’t my choice as candidate in the Republican primary. But Hillary is definitely not my choice as the first woman president. But if a Republican woman were running, as in Sarah Palin, the
    left would be smearing her with everything they could to prevent her election.

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