Biblical Christianity is no religion

First, let me wish each of you a very Happy Easter. May this holiday bring you peace, joy and family togetherness in unparalleled measure. I join you in hoping Easter brings into your life all the good traditionally associated with the celebration.

Secondly, please note that Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, new clothes and Easter parades have no true connection to the real meaning of Easter. It is a day set aside by Christians to recognize one of the most important events in history: the resurrection from death of the Savior of the world, forever making an eternal home in heaven possible for those who believe.

Remember, as we reflect on the miracle of Christ’s resurrection and our salvation, that true, biblical Christianity is not a religion. True, biblical Christianity is the revelation by God of Himself to mankind in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prior to Jesus’ life and ministry, the Jews’ religion was based on transcendent principles given by God in what we refer to as the Old Testament. Moses brought these principles, in what is called “the law,” to the people after meeting God on Mt. Sinai, and these laws became the guiding principles by which the people of Israel – and, subsequently, Western civilization – have conducted their lives throughout centuries of time. Most of our Western laws were originally based on the Ten Commandments.

Remember that prior to the introduction of these laws governing man’s behavior, every man essentially “did that which was right in his own eyes.” Every dictator established laws that appealed to him. Right and wrong were concepts imposed on the ruled by the ruler. For example, in Rome, it would have been wrong to kill a Roman, but not a person captured by the Romans. Only those people who were covered by the particular law had rights.

Try to imagine a society – which we seem to be headed for today – where every man does that which is right in his own eyes. So, is it wrong to disrespect your parents? Cheat? Murder someone? Steal from someone? Lie about someone? Why? There are societies where this takes place on a regular basis. These things are considered wrong in Western civilization only because our society is based on the principles found in the Bible.

Unfortunately, today many are trying to eliminate these biblical standards. Can you imagine living in a society where there is no such thing as right or wrong, except as decided by any individual person?

As we celebrate Easter, let us not only rejoice in our “religious” expressions and the limitless, matchless gifts God has given us, but in how Easter’s deeper meaning applies to every aspect of our daily lives.

One more thought: I know you will join me in thanking God that I live in United States of America. Let me again wish you a blessed and Happy Easter.

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  1. garciajulvej says:

    Most lucid considerations, right on a target so often—and regrettably—missed. Thank you. I’m disseminating them.

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