Clinton-Obama’s Junior Varsity vs. Terrorism

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To pay 400 million dollars in ransom and do a terrible deal on Iran’s nuclear arms pact is a prime illustration that neither Clinton nor Obama appreciates the exegesis of terrorism.  This also highlights a major weakness in their foreign policy positions.

First, neither Obama nor Clinton is willing to call terrorism what it has become on the world stage,  Islamic Militant Extremism.  Labels do matter.   Such does not denigrate those who follow Islam and its civility but captures those of the faith who hold others within it captive to a false rogue ideology.

Second the trading of hostages for money puts western beliefs at risk.  Are we paying for any and all hostages or just those with military or security ties?   The first rule of terrorism to learn is they are not there to negotiate with you but seek to annihilate you.  There is no negotiating with terrorist.  That 400 million will be used to hit the USA again.

Third, the most successful response to terrorism has been that of Israel’s Mossad force in response to those who killed 9 of her 1972 Olympic athletes.  4 Arab terrorist were killed on the spot and the others identified were hunted down and killed no matter how long it took. Such is the same approach Israel takes with the Nazi executioners.  There can be no peace as long as those who act on their uncivilized beliefs exist.  Such minimized collateral damage.

National Security is more than words.  It reflects actions that do not diminish the sovereignty of the nation or sell out her best interest.  I bet NSA has all Clinton’s emails and is shielding her which would put them in control of national policy not the president if she were elected in spite of her illegal actions.. The Clinton Foundation should be shut down immediately, investigated with prison terms for the conflicts of interest and pay for play schemes inherent in some of their donations as well as donors disclosed prior to the election especially for early voting times.  The fact that 50% of the foundation’s foreign donors did so during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State resulting in meetings or deals with vested interest is a serious conflict of interest and undermines national security. 

Why are we putting foreigners in space who don’t have a space program or allowing their communications devices to hitch a ride on what has been built?  Why are our toll roads being operated by foreign entities or advice on entitlement benefits answered in India? 

But the most scary event is the connection between the Clinton Foundation and an investment group with Russian ties which reportedly now controls approximately 20% of the USA’s uranium stores.  This borders on treasonous behaviors.  This means that we have to go to Russia for permission to use this natural resource.  That is not acceptable and threatens not only our nuclear capability but that of other nations.  No extrinsic or intrinsic body should have that authority to use our natural resources without government oversight.  Are these stores on Native American lands as are so many strategic minerals and have we violated their treaties?

It is time for an administration which will put citizens first and keep the nations sovereignty foremost less we lose this precious democratic republic.

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