Is Castro’s Cuba Still a Threat?

Cuban flagI remember seeing pictures of Fidel Castro for nearly 50 years. His image has changed from a black haired, Liam Neeson like figure dressed in combat fatigues to a wizened old man. Today’s 88 year-old Castro does not look as dangerous or iron -willed as he did in the past, but very little about the essence of the man has changed. Decades ago, Fidel Castro led the Cuban Revolution, deposing then president, Fulgencio Bastista in 1959 and replacing his government with a communist one. A year later, the United States imposed an embargo, banning commercial trade with Cuba, except for humanitarian items like medicine. Two years later, the Soviets began placing ballistic missiles in Cuba aimed at the United States; the ensuing crisis brought the two superpowers the closest they ever came to a nuclear showdown during the Cold War.

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