Israel: America’s Last Stand

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I think the P5+1 diplomats who “negotiated” the treaty with Iran may have set the world on a path that will almost certainly lead to one or more fierce battles in the Middle East and possibly set the stage for World War III. Lest some think I am overstating the case, allow me inform some and remind others of an event that occurs annually in Israel.

Every year on a particular day in April, across the nation of Israel, sirens sound for two minutes and everything comes to a halt. Vehicles in cities and small towns, on streets and highways, pull over and stop. Drivers and passengers get out and stand by their vehicles with heads bowed. Six million Jews – children in school, workers, farmers, homemakers – all pause to solemnly observe Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day.

One of the main lessons learned by the Jewish nation from the Holocaust is that … it must defend itself. This concept is one of the fundamental ethos of Israel’s Defense Forces. IDF (Israeli Defense Force) soldiers gather and stand at a ceremony held at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum, located in Jerusalem. Standing … with their heads bowed, IDF soldiers bear the memory of the Holocaust and vow: “Never Again!” It is an interesting parallel that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, and the present population of Israel is roughly six million.

Why would anyone think the Israelis will sit quietly by while Iran – which regularly hosts anti-Israel demonstrations and whose “spiritual leader” has denied Israel’s right to exist – attains nuclear weapons? This is especially true in light of the fact that sanctions and other elements had almost brought Iran to its knees. Iran was/is on the verge of collapse, but now, thanks to this agreement (not treaty), billions of dollars are going to suddenly flow into its coffers in exchange for it doing nothing.

A major problem today is that people simply cannot conceive of living side by side every day with someone who has sworn to kill them. Try to imagine living beside people who almost daily launch rockets into your cities, forcing you to run for your life. It is even more difficult for Americans, who have no concept of war on our shores – since the last war fought on American soil was 154 years ago. (While Sept. 11 was shocking and put some of us on guard for a while, it is now “history” and many millennials have little, if any, concern about it.)

Try and imagine what it would be like if several times a month, or worse yet, daily, someone who had sworn to kill you launched an attack against your neighborhood or home. What would your reaction be? What would your opinion be of a police department who only asked questions when you dialed 9-1-1? Or so-called “friends” who consistently stood against your right to purchase a gun to defend your family? How many of you would simply bow your head and wait patiently for a person who had sworn to kill you and your family to attain arms and arrive, ready to shoot?

Not to overstate the issue, but I think it is a grave mistake of the most serious order to think Israel is going to sit idly by while Iran develops a nuclear weapon. In support of those statements, remember, Israel has already attacked and destroyed two nuclear reactor sites, Iraq’s and Syria’s. Most realize, as does Israel, the potential for a massive response, but even Saudi Arabia is among those Muslim nations quietly supporting Israel. They are fully aware that a nuclear-armed Iran would present an immediate and ongoing danger to the entire Middle East. Israel is not going to hesitate in taking out Iran’s nuclear capability, regardless of the consequences.

Life does not have the same measure of value to certain groups: Sunnis and Shias are both Muslim groups, but they do not hesitate to kill one another. If they would not refrain from killing fellow Muslims, does anyone think for a moment they would hesitate killing “infidels”?

Col. Oliver North, who recently returned from Israel, said this regarding the Israelis and the West’s recent agreement with Iran: “Here’s the bottom line: In Israel, the words ‘never again’ and ‘never forget’ are not political slogans. They mean it.”

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  1. Roger A. Day says:

    Thank you, Ben. Your recent posts have been right on target. There is no question in my mind that this so-called “must have” agreement was led by this administration that at the very least has a great dislike for the nation of Israel. We have been in the last days since Christ ascended to the Father; but can we now sense the last days coming to the end?

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