Malcolm X: Black Democrats are ‘Chumps’

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3 thoughts on “Malcolm X: Black Democrats are ‘Chumps’

  1. Don says:

    I’ve been talking to black people about failed policy of the Democrats but it falls on deaf ears due to the fact socialist have invaded our schools and starved the black community of truth . Feeding us poison and lowered our expectations. I’ve been called an uncle Tom and everything else you can think of .

  2. PrinciplesOfFrederickDouglass says:

    Same here. No matter how many facts I give black people regarding the failed policies of the Democrats, they still call me a sell out fool! But that’s OK because I’m usually able to engage one person in a dialogue without name calling. Keep up the fight. Reach one, teach one.

  3. wmack says:

    Most Democrats and Republicans don’t recognize: Malcolm X was a smart guy and recognized that hatred against whites was not the way to peace. He changed and that’s what caused those who hated him as the heir apparent, to assassinate him. His language and his demeanor changed and there should be recognition of that.

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