"Setting The Captives Free..."









We envision a day when all bible believing Christians, regardless of ethnicity, stand for what we say we believe, and to actively engage in the political process that represents us.

To create a sociopolitical climate that promotes a biblical worldview, such as the R.I.S.E Principles: Responsible government, Individual liberty and fidelity, Strong Family Values, and Economic Empowerment.

Our work is based on those biblical principles and values that aim to faithfully fulfill Christ’s mission, as articulated in Luke 4:18 and Acts 26:18. We believe that the gospel message has both political and public policy implications, which include long term ministry goals such as “proclaiming freedom for the prisoners, recovery of sight for the blind, and releasing of the oppressed.”

Our aim is to create a “paradigm shift” in the way people, in general, and the African American populace, in particular, view matters of faith, race and public policy. FJI pledges to vigorously challenge “liberal” ideology with those conservative principles, such as the R.I.S.E Principles, essential to promoting and sustaining stable and prosperous family and society.

2 thoughts on “Mission

  1. Vanessa Hammett says:

    I just found your site, & am praising God for you and praying for and with you.

  2. Nancy Randolph says:

    I am a Black Christian Bible-believing Conservative praying teacher who is leading Black youth to do the same and RISE to the occasion of the day. We just putting together a group called Youth Who Speak Truth (YWSP), that is geared toward churning more young Black Christian Bible-believing Conservatives with a voice and fight for truth. I am excited to introduce them to the FJI on tomorrow, and I know this will lead them to even more hungry to RISE. Keep doing what your are doing. God bless you.

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