Responsible Government

Responsible Government

  • Citizens deserve a government, which is fiscally responsible. Waste, fraud, and duplication in government must be eliminated. All monetary transactions, with the exception of classified operations, should be transparent. Public debt, except for infrastructure, should be avoided. Government budgets should fit within existing revenues. Spending reductions, not tax increases, are the preferred solutions to revenue shortfalls.
  • Taxation should be restricted to the most minimal levels, and the burden of taxation should be spread as equally as possible among US citizens. Taxation should never be employed for the purposes of redistributing wealth; or restricting productivity, economic growth, or savings.
  • Government policy should encourage self-sufficiency and promote the work ethic among its citizenry. Public funds should not be used to support persons who are capable, albeit unwilling, to provide for their own needs. Government welfare programs for the needy should strive to enforce the dignity of the individual, strengthen the family unit, and encourage the individual’s potential for self-sufficiency.
  • Government policy should be constrained by rule of law embodied in the Constitution, which innovatively guarantees our liberties by spreading power among the three branches of the Federal government, and between the Federal government and the States. Hence each branch of government, including the delineation of power between state and federal, should perform their function as defined by the Constitution.
  • One of the main responsibilities of the Federal government is to protect the nation and the American people. This requires a strong and effective military, capable intelligence services, and vigorous law enforcement and homeland security capacity. It also mandates an effective and proactive foreign policy that looks after American interests in conjunction with our allies; yet, stands resolutely against our enemies.

The preamble to R.I.S.E.

Responsible Government

Individual liberty & fidelity

Strong family values

Economic empowerment

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