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NFL Again Fumbles Opportunity to Unite America

The National Football League once again is fumbling away an opportunity to unite America. This is the result we could have expected, given the NFL’s playbook over the past few years. The NFL’s decision to play what is known as the black […]


Nation’s Values Under Attack—We Must Do This to Stop the Left’s Socialist Agenda

Our country is under attack from radical leftists. Mobs rampage through our streets, monuments are being destroyed, and the very law and order that ensures our communities’ peace and security is being undermined. In far too many instances, those bent on […]


King vs. Kaepernick: Classic Civil Rights versus Black Lives Matter (Part 2)

Click here for part 1 One of the major contrasting issues is always to make plain or clear the purpose of protest or direct action. Dr. King had a plan to bring opposing sides to the negotiating table. It is […]

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