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King vs. Kaepernick: Classic Civil Rights versus Black Lives Matter (Part 1)

Recently I sat down to reread the classic “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” It was awe-inspiring and eye-opening to, again, call to remembrance Dr. King’s compelling defense and strategy during the early Civil Rights movement against the backdrop of criticism […]


Fake Russian Ads Stoked Racial Tensions — Race-Hustling Democrats ‘Colluded’

President Donald Trump rejects the narrative that Russia wanted him to win. USA Today examined each of the 3,517 Facebook ads bought by the Russian-based Internet Research Agency, the company that employed 12 of the 13 Russians indicted by special […]


Black Families Matter…or not?

Recapping Freedom’s Journal Institute’s “Black Conservative Leadership Summit” on the State of the Black Family Washington, DC – June 14-15, 2017 Recently, a group of black conservative scholars and leaders, co-sponsored by the Heritage Foundation in our nation’s capital, along […]

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