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Broden Receives Dallas Morning News endorsement

Editorial: We recommend Broden in U.S. House District 30 This newspaper has been among Eddie Bernice Johnson’s long-standing supporters, recommending the Democrat for re-election time and again in her nearly two decades in Congress. Her work on behalf of North […]


Family Research Abstract: Delaying Wedlock?

Commentators have argued for decades that young people are better off socially and personally if they postpone marriage until they have finished college and are well launched in their careers. Many young people have been listening. Consequently, an overall pattern […]


Fractured Generations: The Rise and Fall of the Family

The idea of the traditional family–men and women raising children together within the bonds of marriage or other committed relationships–tragically, is suffering a slow, torturous death in present-day America.  It can be argued that various segments of the progressive liberal […]

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