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Where’s the Common Sense in ‘Common Sense’ Gun Laws?

Americans, many quite young, attended anti-gun violence rallies across the country. Many protesters demanded more federal “common-sense” gun control laws. But the push for common-sense gun laws lacks common sense or at least perspective. The protests, sparked by the murders […]


Gun Control Movement Polar Opposite of Civil Rights Movement

  Covering the pro-gun control March for Our Lives in Washington, CNN ran a headline that read, “They’re marching through the same streets as Martin Luther King Jr. did — hoping for similar change.” The article then quoted a 16-year-old […]


John F. Kennedy: What Would He Think of His Party?

President Ronald Reagan said: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.” Actor and former president of the National Rifle Association Charlton Heston, who called himself a “Kennedy Democrat,” switched to the Republican Party after the 1960s. On […]

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