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Black Americans must be part of telling own story

The sad state of black affairs is the trolling for black votes and misrepresentation of its importance to the state of affairs of this nation. One thing has been clear in the Democratic debates: the fact that black folks are […]


Trump’s Mistaken Interest in HBCUs

According to press reports, the topic of Historically Black Colleges and Universities came up in the recent “listening session” at the White House with President Trump and his internal team of black leaders, as part of Black History Month. Reportedly, […]


HBCU’s Under Attack Within and From Outside

There are approximately 110 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the USA.  Some Land Grant, some developed post slavery from the Freedmen’s Bureau, many inspired by Republican leadership, and all facing challenges which often seem insurmountable. First, the lack […]


The Way Forward: A Narrative On The Future Of SC State University

In the Beginning…….. 
 Since its founding as a colored Normal institution in 1896, SC State University has been a beacon on the hill in the higher education community of the South.  The fact that this institution’s heritage derived from its designation as a historically black college […]


Republican Tim Scott Doesn’t Run From His Blackness

In the past, I have been extremely critical of so-called Black Republicans, as well as so-called Black conservatives – and that’s not going to change. Too often they feel the need to check their Blackness at the door under the […]