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Even With Removing Margaret Sanger’s Name, Planned Parenthood Is Still Influenced by Racist Founder

One of Planned Parenthood’s largest abortion affiliates has finally disavowed Planned Parenthood’s founder for “her racist legacy” and her “connections to the eugenics movement.” However, this symbolic bowing to the far left’s “cancel culture” doesn’t change the fact that the […]


Narrow Decision Secures Pregnancy Centers’ Free Speech Rights for Now

The Supreme Court’s ruling in NIFLA v. Becerra highlights an important sphere of the abortion debate: the free speech rights of pregnancy centers that do not provide abortions and, ultimately, their right to exist at all. The California law the […]


Stop Government-Supported Abortion, Family Planning

New proposed changes in regulations from the Department of Health and Human Services will close the door on using funds from its Title X family planning program for abortion. HHS’s Office of Population Affairs, which administers this program, is a […]

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