The RISE Agenda


R.I.S.E. Initiative Program

“In Defense of Life: Why All Lives Matter

Master of Ceremonies: Pastor Ceasar LeFlore


Welcome: Ceasar LeFlore

Prayer: Rev. Dr. Louis Toney

Song: Carl King

Video: RISE Preamble

9:30-10:00  Defining the Challenges: Pastor Ceasar LeFlore

10:00-10:45 Future of the Pro-Life Movement Panelist: John Morales, Emily Zender, Brian Walker

10:45- 11:30 Building A Grassroots Machine that Lasts: Matt Batzel, National Executive Director, American Majority

Video: Responsible Government

12:00pm -12:30 RISE Initiative Lunch (theatrical performance) TORN: The Resurrection

Video: Individual liberty and fidelity

12:45pm-1:15 pm Gov. Mike Huckabee, GOP Candidate for President

Video: Strong Family Values

1:30- 2:00pm Dr. Ben Carson, GOP Candidate for President

2:00pm-3:00pm Made In HIS Image: Dr. Randy Guliuzza, Institute For Creation Research

Video: Economic Empowerment

3:30-4:00pm All Lives Matter: Defending Life from Womb to Tomb: Natalie Decker, Alliance Defending Freedom

4:00pm-5:00pm The Role of the Church: Moderator Dr. Eric M. Wallace
Panelist: Bishop Lance Davis, Pastor Al Cleveland, Pastor Corey Brooks, Pastor Aaron Clark, Pastor Denise Walker, Pastor Linda Jernigan, Pastor Glenn D. Bone III, and Pastor Keith Gordon



Eventbrite - The FJI 2015 RISE Initiative-In Defense of Life: Why all Lives Matter

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