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As I contemplate 2016, a new year full of unknowns for us all, and consider writing future columns, I was inspired to revisit many of the incredible emails I have received over the years in response to prior columns. These responses convey the well-thought-out perspectives of many who care for the well-being and future of America:

Here are what some had to offer:

  • I am intelligence analyst and I bang my head on my desk daily when I hear people talk about how Islam can co-exist with the Western form of civilization.
  • I’m glad you’re out here trying to set the record straight on racism. (By the way, I’m white.) Unfortunately, for a few, racism has become a cash cow as well as a way to exploit black people for their own power grab. It’s just another form of slavery.
  • At long last, someone who understands that democracy can’t work in all those Arab countries.
  • The current administration knows what they are doing; the State Department knows that the end result is the rule of fundamental Islam.
  • The American republic is only a success to the degree that we follow Christian doctrine and obey God the Father’s laws.
  • Today we are watching a betrayal of Israel and a rapid falling of America into a 4th-world nation status.
  • Great article that exposes the fundamental liberal concepts that emphasize surface values but not a change in heart.
  • I think once a people decide to turn their back on God, their ability to tell truth from fantasy goes right out the window.
  • Your concept of self-governance being necessary as the foundation of any government is a real gem. How America needs to grasp the bigger picture! Indeed, it is basic to wisdom.
  • It has been shocking how “in your face” these leftist politicians have been and made even more so with the bought-and-paid-for media slaves.
  • Even though we lose in this age, what we do in His will find reward in the next.
  • Who decides what’s right and wrong? A truly wonderful question.
  • Why do black “leaders” and teachers fail to instruct young blacks on the information contained in your column? Do they really care more about power than truth?
  • Thanks for commonsense. It’s sad that has to be thanked these days, but we are mesmerized with fools. Keep it up. America needs saving.
  • Hopefully rational opinions like yours will get more air time and we will be able to slow the racial baiting that, unfortunately, even our president participates in.
  • All we need is faith in God and the willingness to again see one another, one and all, as just plain Americans.
  • This is really about bureaucrats who want all security but no responsibility.
  • Just downloaded your “Black Yellow Dogs” book. As a white man, I never gave any thought until now that maybe there’s been some revisionist history going on here concerning slavery.
  • I am glad to see you are stating some facts to our brothers. We as Christians must vote as how God see things based upon the Bible. God is clearly dividing people to find out where loyalties are, with God or with man.
  • We should do our best to go back to the basic ideals of our Constitution (which was clearly based on many of the precepts in God’s word). The Constitution brings American ideals together based on sound, basic principles of equal opportunity rather than splintering people according to unalterable things such as skin color, gender, sexual preference, etc. into self-serving shibboleths wielded by politicians for their own personal gain.
  • There will be national repentance, or there will be national death.
  • Thank you for sharing biblically sound truth from your heart.
  • I am concerned that all of us are becoming slaves to a government grown too large and powerful, in great part because our citizens have allowed it to happen. Perhaps we are witnessing Bible prophesy being fulfilled.
  • Before we point a finger at other nations or peoples to justify ourselves (and our causes), we should remember our ancestors (all races) enslaved one another. It was part of life. It was reality, but it was wrong. The irony is it is now being used to divide people who could otherwise come together to truly bring about change in the world.
  • I don’t understand how we’ve come to a point as a nation with so much divisiveness and hatred. Selfishness and ungodliness seem to rule today.
  • We need to realize that abandoning Israel in spirit – which is what this administration would do in a heartbeat were there no consequences – will lead to much pain and hurt here and consequentially around the world. What is done to Israel is done to us all.
  • I am in total agreement with your article and would like to remind you of a previous governmental program that once provided a worldly education and pride in one’s self and our nation. It was called the draft.
  • I overheard my pastor talking to a man who professed to be an atheist that it took more faith than the pastor had to believe in the stuff the atheist did. I think he hit the nail on the head. If there is no God, what are atheists afraid of?
  • I just finished commenting under your article titled, “Atheism is a religion.” Many times over the years, I have expressed that fact and been rebuffed for it by others on all sides of the matter. It’s great to see someone else emphasizing this point for a change.
  • As I look at the headlines, which report all sorts of strange behaviors, and then hear the voices of those who want to normalize all the forms of evil that lack no champions, I have to look hard to see the remnant of true patriots and godly people who are still holding to the course established by the founders of this republic.
  • I have taught government to homeschoolers for 25 years, and almost none of them understood that “we the people” are the sovereign and not the elected officials.
  • Thank you for braving the elements of today’s twisted views and lagging morals by bringing us hope through the truth. We are living in a world spinning out of control.

And last but not least …

  • A man who was a Holocaust survivor was explaining what an American was to him. He said, “You can move to Germany and become a citizen, but that does not make you German. You can move to France and become a citizen, but that does not make you French. You can move to Spain and become a citizen, but that does not make you Spanish. But, you can come to America and become a citizen and you become an American.” He said this with tears in his eyes. I will never forget it.

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