Restoring the Family: How do we turn the Tide?

On Friday July 16, 2010, a 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit Maryland just outside of Washington, DC. The earthquake struck the area at about 5 a.m. and was not felt by most people. In fact, President Obama told the press that he did not feel anything – he slept right through it. Ironically, I was awake at that time and had just begun to address a national group of prayer warriors who meet by conference call daily – long before the birds are chirping. The prayer team had been praying all week about the dramatic destablization that they see in American moral and political life.

The paradox of the sleeping president versus the alarmed citizen prayer warrior has been the case in America for several presidencies – both Democratic and Republican. The problem of America’s fractured family structure is an emergency that can no longer be ignored. Let me put it this way: if something is not done, immediate future generations will be affected. American greatness will be lost and we will slip into the quicksand of mediocrity.

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