Which Jesus Do YOU serve?

In recent months there has been much talk about who is, and who isn’t, a Christian. Notable figures like President Obama, Glenn Beck and others are publicly being scrutinized to determine whether they are truly Christians. Even Nancy Pelosi (amidst a number of contradictory and controversial statements) has identified herself as a Christian—leaving many to question her fidelity to the faith.

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  1. radcs says:

    I appreciate this article and the issues it raises. As a Christian Scientist, I believe it’s inaccurate to refer to Christian Science as a cult. The founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, was a sincere lifelong student of the Bible. The Christian Science textbook repeatedly refers to Jesus as “Messiah” and “Son of God,” and Mrs. Eddy had a deep appreciation of his unique (singular) place in fulfilling biblical prophecy. I respect your dedication to your calling and realize there are some theological issues where we would differ. However, I believe if you read the chapter “Atonement and Eucharist” in the Christian Science textbook, you would get a sense of the deep reverence Christian Scientists have for Jesus and for his immense sacrifice for humanity’s salvation.

  2. Eric M. Wallace, PhD Eric M. Wallace, PhD says:

    The fact that the CS has a founder who has a book or a set of books that interprets the bible for you is problematic. Cults by definition are always started by people who think they have some kind of special revelation. They then write a book or two that they and their followers consider equal too or superior to the bible.

    Most of these people have no theological training. They cannot study the scriptures in their original languages nor do they understand the principles of biblical interpretation. There is nothing in the biblical text that would give the impression that God or Jesus were a divine idea. Christian Science takes on a gnostic understanding about what is real and what is not. What is physical matter and what is spiritual and these ideas are foreign to the biblical text.

    Lastly, most cult leaders use many of the same words that orthodox Christianity uses but with a different meaning. Salvation no longer means what the biblical writers intended. The cult leader, like Eddy, substitute their own meaning but use the words that are familiar to most Christian so that they sound like they are Christian. This is why many of their followers are those who had once gone to a Christian church but left for one reason or another and joined the cult thinking it just another denomination or a more authentic version of Christianity however it is neither. They are counterfeit. They are the ‘different gospel’ that both Jesus and Paul warned us about.

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