NFL’s Kneeling Policy

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2 thoughts on “NFL’s Kneeling Policy

  1. Victor says:

    Trump used the issue to “rile up his base” Really? You showed your true political colors in that debate. The fact is that Colin K NEVER once protested prior to being ‘benched’! How’s that for ‘green’ decisions?

    1. Eric M. Wallace, PhD Eric M. Wallace, PhD says:

      To whom are you referring Victor? Who showed their “true political colors”? Your comments are not clear. What is a “green” decision?

      By the way, I am not a part of Trump’s base. I’m a conservative. President Trump is a populist. I don’t share his thoughts on tariffs or his bombastic rhetoric.

      He’s made the Kaepernick protest about the anthem and painted NFL football players as unpatriotic. Neither is true. Please read my open letter to President Trump and Kaepernick

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