Urban Legends

Urban legends is a collection of articles written almost a decade ago, including references to President Obama, the Tea Party, and the omission of Critical Race Theory, DEI, and Cultural Marxism. The underlying ideology was present, but the terminology was not mainstream. It has now fully come out in the open as what it is—Cultural Marxism.

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Integrity of Faith

Through the ages, God has chosen men after His own heart to confound the wise and energize the weak. Old Testament heroes like Moses, Abraham, Isaac and King David were imperfect men who God ultimately perfected because of their faith in the midst of hardship and trials.

Dr. Eric M. Wallace is a 21stcentury replica of those heroes, a man whose ongoing faith journey is one that will encourage and inspire you.

While traveling through the numerous peaks and valleys of his life, Wallace learns to appreciate his family and heritage in a new and uplifting way. Then building on those lessons, his story of hope and faith will challenge you to discover a new purpose and energize you to commit to the Lord and His people your best.

Through sharing his life’s travels as a janitor, a theological student, a youth minister to his experience as a political candidate, Dr. Wallace in Integrity of Faith gives insight into the heart of a modern-day Abraham as he strives to honor his Lord and exemplify.
Integrity of Faith: One man's spiritual journey reflected in his family, work and politics

Jesus on Trial

Jesus On Trial: The Unique presentation of Jesus in the Gospel of John If you think you have a grasp on the truths of the New Testament, it is time to take another look. Prepare yourself to receive a fresh perspective on the gospel of John as Dr. Eric Wallace expounds on the trial theme embedded in the Fourth Gospel. Dr. Wallace traces the theme of trial throughout John examining the various witnesses that come forth to give testimony to the unique identity of Jesus as the Prophet, Messiah, and Son of God. Wallace argues that the trial theme based on the legal constitution of Deuteronomy helps to bring a new understanding and insight into this gospel. Jesus on trial is a must-read for the bible scholar, Bible college or seminary student. Pastors or laypersons looking for a more in-depth study of John will benefit from this study as well.
Jesus on Trial: The unique presentation of Jesus in the Gospel of John