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The Black Conservative Summit is a gathering of inquizitive and like-minded believers who want to see this world positively impacted for the future.
The Black Conservative Summit (BCS) is an annual event designed to brings together national, state, and local leaders to discuss prominent issues facing today’s society on a national stage. Our goal includes both to aggregate and engenders Black conservative voices on issues facing America, in general, and the Black community, in particular, as a means to proffer solutions that positively impact our future and the world.


  • To counter-balance the voice and ideological approach to social and fiscal issues espoused by leading Black liberal leaders, which currently dominants Black mainstream media (e,g., Tavis Smiley’s State of Black America or Roland Martin’s Washington Watch).
  • To provide informative plenary and breakout sessions, which discuss, in greater detail, national and state issues from a conservative perspective in hopes of proffering relevant and practical solutions.
  • To build alliances between independent groups and activists, which encourages them to work together to share resources, and speak with a united voice when possible.
  • To rekindle allegiance of the African American constituency and the conservative movement, in general, with a principled conservative message that resonates with all conservative Americans.

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