Freedom's Journal Institute strategy for a Biblical worldview


John 8:32


The Freedom’s Journal Institute’s objectives include the following strategies:

Objective One

Clearly articulate and defend our perspective on issues of national and local concern using whatever forums and platforms are available to us. Activities: Publishing Freedom’s Journal Magazine, public speaking, media interviews, event attendance, video productions, and documentaries [e.g., Kingdoms In Konflict: A Matter of Faith, Race, and Politics].

Objective Two

Identify conservative blacks and other people of color and bring them together regularly so they know they are not alone, build a community of like-minded individuals, organizations and leaders. Activities: Host an annual Black Conservative Summit with seminars and formal meetings to create a core of committed activists willing to study the issues and recruit others to join the cause.

Objective Three

Help educate conservative people of color so they become informed advocates and defenders of this perspective. Activities: Identify pastors and community leaders for training on public policy issues, write for publications directed to black, Latinos, and other populations; write white papers, shorter essays, and books elucidating conservative principles and ideas from a biblical perspective; help newcomers to the movement get on the mailing lists of national conservative, faith-based conservative organizations.

Objective Four

Motivate conservative people of color to speak out on the day's issues, act in ways that advance conservative ideas, and challenge those around them to recognize and respond to conservative ideas. Activities: This issue calls for implementing conservative ideas articulated in the strategies mentioned earlier. It also means forming partnerships or coalitions of like-minded groups to help effect policy on a local and state level. For example, the Illinois Freedom Project proposes initiatives in three areas: standing for Marriage, protecting life, and promoting school choice.
In all these activities we recognize that the central element is that we are grounded in historical and biblical perspective. We realize that African American history helps to bring legitimacy to the conservative position we articulate. We understand that heroes of our past such as Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington, among others, have themselves argued some of the same principles and values we articulate in our modern society today. In accordance with this understanding is that their stances and perspectives were founded on biblical principles that informed their opinions and stances on public policy. It is our hope that we do justice to the legacy they have left us.

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