your will be done

on earth

as it is in heaven



The Opposition

The role of the Church is to demonstrate a Christian worldview to our world, society and culture at large. However, under increasing ideological conflict and competing worldviews, such as cultural Marxism, many Christians find themselves on one side or the other of what has become socially and politically polarizing. The partisan debate regarding issues such as social justice, critical race theory, and gender equality, to name a few, have caused a deep divide.

the challenge

As Christians, our challenge is to hold to our biblical beliefs and identity in Christ as a means to counter sociopolitical narratives, which are at cross purposes with the Truth of God’s Word. But, to also stand together united in Christ as a witness to a lost and dying world.

The opportunity

Hence, we must clearly define what is a biblical worldview; and, how it shapes both our view of reality and our sociopolitical engagement. The battle is between a biblical worldview and a secular worldview. It is between the world seen through the lenses of our Christian faith or vain human ideologies. But, ultimately the choice between Christ as the only source of Truth; or, alternatively, conformity to competing political and social belief systems. As the Church, we must advocate a biblical worldview that is articulated and demonstrated in our worship, teaching and practice, which is the full proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

the solution

Setting the captives free...

The fact is our struggle—whether against spiritual or human forces—requires our collective  commitment to work to set those who have been taken captive free.      
And, while no comprehensive political or social human belief system exists—FJI has developed a set of principles to help unite and advance a restorative and life-transforming biblical worldview. They are the R.I.S.E. Principles.
Freedom's Journal Institute is a 501(C)(3) organization devoted to the research, education, and the advancement of public policy that promotes: Responsible government, Individual liberty and fidelity, Strong Family Values, and Economic Empowerment (R.I.S.E Principles).

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