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“In 2011 my wife and I founded Freedom’s Journal Institute. We believed then, and still do now, that a strong Christian faith requires our participation in the political process. God established government and the laws or public policy that shape our society. It is therefore incumbent upon the Church to vote its values and stand for what we say we believe.

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Eric M. Wallace, PhD

The BCS 2018-Racism in America & The Role of the Church (Postponed)

September 6, 2018 9:00 am

As you may already know 2018 marks the fifth anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King. In his last speech before his murder, he mentioned that the Black community would get to the "promised land." But as far as I can tell never described what the "promised land" is. Thus, fifty years later some people are still looking for the promised land. While others have given up and become stagnant in poverty. And still, others have moved on or forgotten even the mentioning of such a place or idea. Some would say we are still wandering in the wilderness fifty years later. We will take up the question what is the promise land with regard to racism? And what is the church's responsibility to bring reconciliation?

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May 2011 – Freedom's Journal Institute was formed, on paper. Dr. Eric and Jennifer Wallace were its co-founders.

September 2012 – We began to hold our first board meetings and plan for the Black Conservative Summit.

August 2013 –- We held our first Black Conservative Summit in St. Charles IL a suburb of Chicago.

July 2014 -- Lonnie Poindexter Joins us as the managing director. Freedom's Journal radio is launched on the Urban Family Talk Radio. Dr Wallace takes a leave of absence to run for Congress.

September 2014 -- The BCS first leadership initiative is held in Washington D.C. at the Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies & Citizenship.

November 5, 2014 -- Dr. Wallace returns as president of FJI after an unsuccessful run for political office.

July 31, 2015 -- FJI holds its first RISE Initiative Conference, "In Defense of Life: Why All Lives Matter," in Tinley Park, Illinois. Gov. Mike Huckabee spoke

October1, 2015 -- FJI co-sponsors Dr. Ben Carson spoke during the Olivet Nazarene University Chapel

June 15-16, 2017 -- 2017 BCS Leadership Initiative: Black Families Matter

June 17, 2017 -- FJI co-sponsors March for Marriage

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Conservatives hold to a set of core values and principles that are foundational to our political philosophy. We have dubbed these as the R·I·S·E principles.

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