Our mission is to advance the Kingdom of God through the education and building of Biblical politics


To advance the Kingdom of God through sociopolitical education and engagement rooted in a Biblical Worldview.
Our vision is to see our country run in light of Biblical politics and for our nation to thrive via God's blessing


We envision a day when all bible believing Christians, regardless of ethnicity, stand for what we say we believe, and to actively engage in the political process that represents us based on a biblical worldview.
Our goal is to build a future where conservative principles are lived out by the individual, the family, the community, and the government.


We aim to create a “paradigm shift” in how people, in general, and the African American populace, in particular, view matters of faith, race, and public policy. FJI pledges to vigorously challenge “liberal” ideology with those conservative principles, such as the R.I.S.E Principles, essential to promoting and sustaining a stable and prosperous family and society.

OUr Values

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Freedom's Journal Institute is based on Scripture and we actively incorporate it in each decision we make and how we live out our faith.

Our work is based on those biblical principles and values that aim to fulfill Christ’s commission faithfully, as articulated in Luke 4:18 and Acts 26:18. We believe that the gospel message has both political and public policy implications, which include long-term ministry goals such as “proclaiming freedom for the prisoners, recovery of sight for the blind, and releasing of the oppressed.”

Within our mission, we also seek to improve the current black culture through an intentional focus on biblically-based, black conservatism. We believe that black families matter.  We're focused on aligning our political actions with our faith, to help create a thriving black culture that embraces Christian values and conservative politics.

We also believe that in doing this we will create more opportunities for the Christian political process to work across all ethnicities, together as one body of Christ.

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