With the 2024 election cycle around the corner, it is critical to the mission of Freedom’s Journal Institute (FJI) that voters, particularly Black voters, understand the growing threat from Democratic Socialism and its advance against our Constitutional Republic. Our focus for the BCS 2024 is to continue exposing the heretical social justice narratives of the progressive-Left agenda, opening the eyes of those in the Black community and others who are otherwise blind.

With the ongoing rise in the political and cultural wars, the contrast between governing rooted in conservative principles versus progressive principles couldn’t be more stark. This ever-widening contrast between Truth and Falsehood provides an opportunity to highlight clear distinctions between opposing ideologies, as well as to challenge Black America to the dangers and roadblocks of re-litigation for past wrongs symptomatic of the “victimhood” mentality and, thus instead, choose the road of freedom and justice for all.  

FJI will host its Black Conservative Summit May 2-4, 2024, to unite national, state, and local leadership under “Black America at a Crossroads: Cultural Marxism vs. A Biblical Worldview.” Our objectives include bringing together the largest group of Black conservative leaders, elected officials, pastors, and activists to reclaim our historical narrative not as “victims” but as “victors” rooted in our Church heritage, rich cultural traditions and resilience, and strong family values in alignment with the American story of freedom and democracy!

Our goal is to unite a Black Christian conservative community and ignite a Black conservative “movement” equipped to fight against the progressive agenda and restore the Family, religious liberties, and our sociopolitical freedoms based on the R.I.S.E. principles of Responsible government, Individual liberty and fidelity, Strong family values, and Economic empowerment rooted in a biblical worldview.

Please save our new date, September 5-7th, for the Black Conservative Summit. We'll discuss Black America at a Crossroads: Cultural Marxism vs. A Biblical Worldview. The venue will be announced soon!

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