Black Racism Matters

By Patrick Hall

It has enjoyed the benefit of being excused, fatuously ignored, or repackaged for quite some time.   As we have seen with Black Lives Matter, race-obsessed Democrats, Controlled Opposition Republicans, and the reincarnated Critical Race Theory neo-phrenologists, their primary communication currency is little more than racism under new management. Real white racists, the KKK, and of course the National Socialist Workers Party (i.e.,) the Nazi, would be proud of the number of blacks and other misguided “Persons of Color”, who now parrot the most egregious features of a philosophy, which blatantly judges people solely based on skin color.

Critical Race Theory (CRT), this type of thinking or lack thereof, has been incubating on university campuses for over five decades. In earlier times, it came under the neo-Marxist jargon facilitated by Frantz Fanon and Paulo Freire. It later found a more permanent home in various hybrids of 1970s Multiculturalism such as Afrocentric teaching methods, culturally-sensitive pedagogy. CRT was equally prominent in facilitating the “Ebonics” outbreak of the early 1990s. Numerous Ethnic Studies Programs, tailored to promote racial pride among Blacks and other sanctioned persons of color constituencies, quickly devolved into the neo-segregation nightmares that we now see fully metastasized within the African American political and academic class.  Barrack Obama, VP Kamala Harris, and President Biden's deliberately apocryphal Domestic Policy Advisor, Susan Rice, can also be included.
However, the biggest disappointment within all the orchestrated racial theatre are the Obamas. They were in an incredibly unique position to bring us together as a nation, juxtaposed to the “Where’s Waldo” mindset, perceiving the slightest bit of racism everywhere. However, both Barrack and Michelle turned out to be the products of the racialized, left-of-center education that was so much a part of college graduates of the 1980s. They were front-row participants, and political evangelists of the “America is systemically racist cohort.”  During the 2008 election, we ignored so much about the Obamas that screamed their radical left-of-center, America-is-bad dogma. As well as many within his administration, Obama were arbiters of the post-modern practice of stuffing the complexities of political science, law, and history into bottles labeled race, gender, and class.

Barrack Obama’s twenty-year association with the race-autocrat and unrepentant anti-Semite, the Rev Jeremiah Wright, was brushed off by a fawning media. It was later clumsily denied by Obama himself. Later, when photos of Obama with the avowed black racist, Louis Farrakhan emerged, this too was pushed aside. In addition, throughout his Presidential tenure, Obama’s principal advisor on race was the Rev Al Sharpton and other black misery entrepreneurs.  Obama and his administration always held a thinly veiled contempt for America.  Liberal Progressives, both black and white, the corporate media, and a host of nanny-state European allies loved him for this.  China, Putin’s Russia, and Radical Islamists also sung their hosannas to Obama.

Up until President Biden’s, repeated declaration to the world community that America is a systemically racist country, Obama was and still is a major purveyor of this poison that is slowly killing our Republic.  But then again, he and Michelle are much too busy becoming citizens-of-world instead of helping confront the growing false narrative of America as a systemically racist nation.  

In short, we are witnessing the flowering of black racist thought, orated by individuals like Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago, Muriel Bowser of DC, Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and the Melanin Queen herself, Kristen Clarke, to name a few. Their attitudes can no longer be couched under the defective term of reverse racism. Their beliefs and policies are simply racist!  

Special attention must also be given to Kristen Clarke, Biden's, and Kamala Harris’ pick to head the Civil Rights Division.  Here is an “educated woman” who believes that black people are somehow superior to whites because of black people’s skin color or melanin.  Once again, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and many prominent Democrats know this about Ms. Clarke. Yet, she has been shoehorned into the critical position of head of the United States Civil Rights Division. Despite Ms. Clarke’s “bat-shit-crazy” racist beliefs, many Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus members are more than willing to give Kristen Clarke a pass. Liberal Black Elites are knowingly standing behind an individual trying to imitate or resurrect some of the worst prejudices of the Jim Crow Era. It is the same type of racial lunacy expressed in Ibram X Kendi's work of racial solipsism, “How to be an Antiracist."  His basic proposal is to fight systemic racism with more racism.
But there you go.  Black Democrat Be Leftists (a semantic redundancy) support outright racist philosophies, touted up under the dictates of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Too many University-educated blacks have been taught that black can’t be racists over the last fifty years because, according to the wizards-of-smart that dominate the university curriculum, blacks lack the power. This makes little sense today, as when I first read it over fifty years ago. It gives credence to the saying that some ideas are so stupid that only a tenured university professor in the social sciences and humanities could believe them. The truth is, blacks can hold extremely racist views. Michael Eric Dyson, Cornel West, Derrick Bell, and other influential black heretics are examples of individuals who should know better. They continue to propagate CRT, and other racist believes.

This is equally true of many of their well-meaning, if not totally emasculated, “beat-me-because-I’m-white-and-privileged-supporters”.

The Marxist leadership of Black Lives Matter has been incredibly effective at poisoning the racial climate since its inception in 2014. BLM was based and founded on the lie surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin, who unfortunately found himself on the wrong side of a handgun carried by neighborhood watch coordinator George Zimmerman.  If you remember, Trayvon Martin took exception to questioning from Mr. Zimmerman, which quickly deteriorated into a fight, where Mr. Martin ground and pound the community watch coordinator. In the struggle, Mr. Martin attempted to seize Mr. Zimmerman's weapon and was fatally shot.    

BLM and sympathetic media outlets found it difficult to employ their predatory white police narrative directly to this incident. However, they did the next best thing by carefully describing Mr. Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic." Although it is irrelevant to Mr. Martin’s death, Mr. Zimmerman’s complexion was more caramel and brownish since he is of Peruvian descent.  But the media and the race-merchandizers of BLM had to paint this with their “evil-racist-white-guy-killing-an-innocent-black-guy fable.”

Similarly, the “hands-up don’t’ shoot” lie disseminated by BLM after the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was never fully corrected by BLM, activist groups like Antifa, the corporate media, and many within the Democratic political class.  If you remember, Mr. Brown had just come from robbing a convenience store and roughing up its proprietor when a white police officer confronted him. After that, Mr. Brown repeatedly punched the police officer in the face and tried to take his gun. The officer then shot Mr. Brown.  I imagine, according to BLM and their supporters, the “equitable” thing that officer should have done was to let Mr. Brown take his weapon and sacrifice himself for the cause of the “historically oppressed black man!”  It takes a particular type of stupid (or racism) that many black folks seem to be wed to propagate the dubious racial hagiography surrounding the tragic life of Michael Brown.
BLM does very little to uplift the urban poor despite extracting millions of dollars from corporate sponsors and the Communist Chinese Party via Huawei.

The only thing guaranteed by this new "openly racist black polity" is that they will continue to enrich themselves while at the same time furthering lifelong dependency, racial collectivism, and complete government control of far too many of the urban poor.  At the same time, the killing of black people by other black people will proceed unabated.

Organizations like BLM, in partnership with the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus, have learned a simple financial and lucrative truth. Black lives only seem to matter when the police kill them.  

[Patrick is a retired University Library Director. He is graduate of Canisius College and the University of Washington where he earned Masters Degrees in Religious Studies Education, Urban Anthropology and Library and Information Science.  Mr. Hall has also completed additional course work at the University of Buffalo, Seattle University and St. John Fishers College of Rochester New York. He has published in several national publications such as Commonweal, America, Conservative Review, Headway, National Catholic Reporter, and American Libraries. He has published in the peer reviewed publications, Journal of Academic Librarianship and the Internet Reference Services Quarterly. From 1997 until his retirement in January 2014 he served on the Advisory Board of Urban Library Journal, a CUNY Publication.]

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